Знаменитые черно-белые фотографии 20-го века в высоком качестве (195 фото) (198 фото)

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Названия фотографий (EN)1 ARCHIVES : ROCK 'N' ROLL HEROES -
2 Miles Davis and Paul Chambers Performing at Randall's Island Jazz Festival August 1960 Miles Davis sweating as he plays trumpet at the Randall's Island Jazz Festival in New York. August 1960 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
3 Tolstoy in the Year of His Death 1910 1910 Jasnaja Poljana, Russian empire
4 Boy in Animated Pose Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
5 Children Making Faces -
6 Jimi Hendrix Wearing Necklaces and Satin Shirt 1967 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
7 The Doors on Lifeguard Tower December 1969 The band The Doors stands on the stairs of a lifeguard tower during a 1969 photo shoot. Members are, from bottom to top, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger, and John Densmore. Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA
8 Groom Writing Love Note in Sand -
9 Girl Holding Mother's Hand on Beach -
10 Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt at Yalta Conference February 9, 1945 On the grounds of Livadio Palace during the Yalta Conference, Soviet Premier Stalin is seated with Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt. Standing behind are Lord Leathers, Anthony Eden, Edward Stettinius, Alexander Adogan, V.M. Molotov, and Averill Harriman. Yalta, USSR
11 New York City at Night December 6, 1957 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
12 Newspaper Headlines on Armistice Day November 8, 1918 Washington, DC, USA Jubilant Americans in Washington, D.C., show newspaper headlines which announce the surrender of Germany, ending World War I, November 8, 1918. Washington, DC, USA
13 Vietnamese Mother and Children Flee Village Bombing September 7, 1965 In this Pulitzer Prize winning photo, A Vietnamese mother and her children wade across a river, fleeing a bombing raid on Qui Nhon by United States aircraft. The raid was organized to knock out Viet Cong snipers in the village who were firing on United States Marines. Women and children were warned to leave the village before the bombs began to fall. September 7, 1965 Qui Nhon, South Vietnam
14 Daredevils Playing Tennis on a Biplane October 25, 1925 Original caption: Gladys Roy, who gets her fun out of doing unusual things with airplanes, also likes to play tennis. Ivan Unger (member of the 'Flying Black Hats') is her opponent. Frank Tomac is the pilot who keeps the plane at 3,000 feet. The only problem with this match is trying to retrieve a ball after it has bounced off the wing of the plane and plunged a few thousand feet. Above Los Angeles, California, USA
15 Workers Celebration Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad May 10, 1869 Railroad workers gather in Promontory, Utah, to celebrate the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. Promontory, Utah, USA
16 Repairman on Face of Abraham Lincoln from Mount Rushmore Memorial by Gutzon Borglum June 9, 1962
17 Laurence Olivier in Hamlet 1948 Laurence Olivier, as Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet of Denmark, holds the skull of Yorick in a scene from his film version of 'Hamlet.
18 James Dean in Motion Picture Giant September 1956 American actor James Dean reclines in the back of a car in the 1956 motion picture Giant, in which he plays petroleum worker Jett Rink. Edna, Texas, USA
19 Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, 1936 Silent film comedian Charlie Chaplin exagerates movements and actions sitting on gears in the motion picture Modern Times in 1936.
20 Kennedy Family with John Jr. Saluting His Father's Casket Nov. 25, 1963
21 Acrobats Performing on the Empire State Building Acrobats Jarley Smith (top), Jewell Waddek (left), and Jimmy Kerrigan(right) perform a delicate balancing act on a ledge of the Empire State Building in New York City. August 21, 1934 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
22 Children Flee From Their Homes Vietnamese children flee from their homes in the South Vietnamese village of Trang Bang after South Vietnamese planes accidently dropped a napalm bomb on the village, located 26 miles outside of Saigon. Twenty-five years later, the young girl running naked from her village, Phan Thi Kim Phuc, was named UNESCO goodwill ambassador. June 8, 1972
23 Berlin Children Cheering Airlift Plane A group of German children stand atop building rubble, cheering a United States cargo airplane as it flies over a western section of Berlin. American and British forces have been airlifting food and supplies after Soviet forces surrounded and closed off the besieged city. 1948
24 Portrait of Duke Ellington Jazz musician and composer Duke Ellington poses for a studio portrait before his first European tour. 1933
25 Cab Calloway Leads Orchestra at New Year's Ball American bandleader and singer Cab Calloway leads an orchestra during a New Year's Ball at the Cotton Club in New York, December 31, 1937 Cotton Club, New York, New York, USA
26 Flat Iron Building in New York The Fuller or the Flat Iron Building is considered to be the first skyscraper, New York, New York. ca. 1901-1910 Creator Name: Daniel H. Burnham Date Created: 1901-1903 Location Information: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
27 Bomber Rammed Into Empire State Building A view of the hole rammed into the 78th and 79th stories of the Empire State Building by a U.S. Army Bomber flying in the fog. Part of the wreckage hangs from the 78th story, New York, New York, July 28, 1945. Empire State Building, New York, New York, USA
28 Times Square Crowd for V-J Day The largest crowd to date in Times Square gathers for the announcement that the war with Japan was ended, New York, New York, August 14, 1945
29 Immigrants on Stern of S. S. Bremen Ocean Liner Immigrants lean over the stern railing on the S. S. Bremen. August 1, 1923 Probably Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
30 Crowds on Wall Street 1929 Panicked stock traders crowd the sidewalks outside the New York Stock Exchange on the day of the market crash. 1929
31 Eleanor Roosevelt Holding a Rose Holding a rose, Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, flashes a big smile on her 76th birthday on October 11, 1960 . She was attending an Israeli reception for United Nations delegates at the Park Lane Hotel in New York.
32 President Roosevelt at Camp Shelby October 1942 Forrest County, Mississippi, USA
33 Immigrants Looking at New York Skyline An immigrant family looks out over the New York skyline as they arrive in the USA from Germany aboard the S. S. Nieuw Amsterdam. ca. 1930s Lower Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
34 New York Skyline The Hudson River and the 1932 Skyline of Manhattan, New York.
35 Louis Armstrong Performing with his Band -
36 Female Ballplayer Sliding Into a Base Sophie Kurys, star of the Racine Belles of the All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League, slides into the bag as a player from the South Bend Blue Sox looks on. June 27, 1947 midwestern USA
37 Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie, the sad hobo clown character he made famous. ca. 1930s-1950s
38 Hindenburg Explosion The German airship explodes on its landing approach to the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. Thirty-six of the 97 people aboard were killed. May 6, 1937 Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA
39 Masked Man Cracking a Safe 1953
40 Men in Hats Watching the Sky Men in hats look up at the night sky. ca. 1945
41 Albert Einstein sticks out his tongue Albert Einstein sticks out his tongue when asked by photographers to smile on the occasion of his 72nd birthday on March 14, 1951. Princeton, New Jersey, USA
42 The Rolling Stones Lead singer Mick Jagger and the musicians of the Rolling Stones perform on the 'Ed Sullivan Show.' July 10, 1966
43 Army Medic With Wounded Comrade An US Army medic tries to help a wounded soldier in Vietnam. March 30, 1966 Vietnam
44 Bob Dylan at Kronborg Castle Folk singer Bob Dylan contemplates Kronborg Castle, the Elsinore Castle of Shakespeare's , shortly after arriving in Denmark to start his world tour. May 1, 1966 Helsingor, Denmark
45 Soldiers at Civil Rights Protest U.S. National Guard troops block off Beale Street as Civil Rights marchers wearing placards reading, 'I AM A MAN' pass by on March 29, 1968. It was the third consecutive march held by the group in as many days. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had left town after the first march, would soon return and be assassinated. Memphis, Tennessee, USA
46 Vanessa Redgrave and Daughters Vanessa Redgrave and her two daughters, Natasha Richardson (right) and Joely Richardson, both of whom have followed in her footsteps as actresses, resting in the Stockholm Airport. August 21, 1968 Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden
47 Elvis Presley Performing in Comeback Special Elvis Presley's landmark TV special was taped in June 1968 and aired December 3, 1968, on NBC.
48 Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy Original Caption: 12/28/1968-Hoffman and the 'Midnight Cowboy' Jon Voight cross New York's Willis Avenue Bridge in a scene from the film, the story of two men who discover friendship.
49 Woman Hides in Fear of Sniper A woman cowers in fear behind a statue while a man lies wounded a few feet away, victim of sniper Charles Whitman. Whitman killed a dozen people firing a rifle from the observation deck of the University of Texas Tower in Austin. August 1, 1966 Austin, Texas, USA
50 Cassius Clay At Army Induction Original caption: 04/28/67-Houston: Heavyweight champion Cassius Clay waves at fans as he arrives at Army Induction Center where he is scheduled to be inducted into the Army. Clay has said he will refuse induction thereby leaving himself open to criminal prosecution. April 28, 1967
51 Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider Original Caption: Dennis Hopper (with mustache) and Peter Fonda in scene from the movie: 'Easy Rider.' June 30, 1969.
52 Astronaut Walking Near the Lunar Module -
53 Burned Apartment Building in Harlem A boy walks past the damaged apartment house where he used to live. Residents trying to keep warm in winter accidentally set the structure on fire. January 28, 1970. Harlem, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
54 Refugees From The Besieged Quang Tri Original Caption: HIGHWAY ONE, SOUTH VIETNAM: Carrying their possessions, and in some cases, their children, refugees from the besieged Quang Tri province in South Vietnam walk along Highway 1 toward Hue City April 3rd. Communist troops outflanked Vietnamese defense lines and captured a key outpost 18 miles west of Hue April 4th.
55 Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five The Jackson Five singing group includes; (foreground) Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson (behind Michael), (background, from left) Jermaine Jackson, Jackie Jackson, and Tito Jackson. January 1, 1970
56 Baby David Plays In His Plastic Bubble David, born with immune deficiency syndrome, plays in the enclosed plastic environment in which he must live to survive. Doctors at the Texas Children's Hospital search for a way to stimulate his natural immunity so he can leave his germ-free environment. June 10, 1973 Houston, Texas, USA
57 Damage from Big Thompson River Flash Flood Original caption: Loveland, CO: A rescue worker scans the flood swollen Big Thompson River for possible flood victims where Highway #34 ends in the Big Thompson Canyon here 8/2. A flash flood killed 72 persons. 8/22/1976 Loveland, Colorado, USA
58 Mick Jagger and Divine Mick Jagger looks over at Divine, an actor performing as a female in the 1976 off-Broadway production Women Behind Bars. They are attending Andy Warhol's pre-opening party on October 14, 1976 at Manhattan's Copacabana nightclub. Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. October 14, 1976
59 Prop from Italian Monster Movie Visitors to a film set in Rome look over the title character from the movie Yeti, Giant of the 20th Century. Italy, 1977. July 12, 1977. Rome, Italy
60 Elvis in Concert Elvis Presley strikes a pose during a 1977 concert, filmed for a television special, wearing one of his trademark jeweled white jumpsuits. 1977
61 Concorde On First Takeoff From New York The Concorde supersonic transport lifts off the runway at JFK International Airport. Its first test flights stayed well below the threshold of acceptable noise levels. October 20, 1977. John F. Kennedy International Airport, Long Island, New York, USA
62 Youth Carry Flags Past Burning Tank Original caption: Prague: Czechoslovaks, who began the year 1968 in an intoxicating mood of idealism and optimism rare in a Communist nation, are ending it in a black mood of despair inflicted by the 'realities' of life under the Kremlin's shadow. Here, defiant young Czechs carry nation's flag past burning soviet tank outside Radio Prague Aug. 21st., shortly after a Russian-led Warsaw pact force invaded the ountry. 12/21/1968
63 Fire and Police Forces Training for Air Raids Policemen and firefighters from New Jersey train with gas masks during a practice fire. They are training to fight fires caused by possible Axis air raids. Kearny, New Jersey, USA
64 Men Perched Inside Huge Motor Original caption: 8/13/1928: Here is one of the two huge motors built by the General Electric Company to be used to propel the S.S. Virginia, worlds largest electric passenger ship, to be launched on August 18th at Newport News, VA. Posed with the motor are student engineers who assisted in testing the motor at the factory in Schenectady, N.Y. (B NY E) August 13, 1928 Schenectady, New York, USA
65 Khrushchev Addressing United Nations General Assembly Soviet Premier Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev pounds his fist against the podium while addressing the United Nations General Assembly in Manhattan. The Soviet Premier is calling for the resignation of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold. Khrushchev is angered by the way the UN forces have intervened in the recent trouble in former Belgian Congo. September 23, 1960 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
66 Rocky Marciano Defeats Jersey Joe Walcott Original Caption: 9/24/52-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: INP photographer Herb Scharfman was as precisely 'on the button' as was the challenger when Rocky Marciano drove his rght mercilessly to the jaw of champion Joe Walcott to knock him from his throne in the 13th round of last night's title fight at Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium. A cloudy spray of water and perspiration makes a partial halo around the head of the champion who was 'ex' eleven seconds later. Note the 'mouse' under Marciano's left eye. Ph: Herb Scharfma. September 23, 1952
67 The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall Original Caption: The Rockettes, chorus at Radio City Music Hall. November 17, 1937 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
68 Cancer Victim Terry Fox on His Cross Canada Run Terry Fox, age 22, is running coast-to-coast across Canada on an artificial limb, after losing his right leg to cancer three years ago, in an effort to raise money to fight the killer disease. August 8, 1980 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
69 Agents Tend To Presidential Secretary Brady Original Caption: 3/30/81-Washington, DC: Agents tend to Presidential Press Secy James Brady on the ground at right and a policeman (left) who were wounded 3/30 in an assassination attempt on President Reagan. The assailant is being held by police and agents in background (right). Ph: Don Rypk. March 30, 1981 Washington, DC, USA
70 President-Elect Ronald Reagan And Wife Original Caption: 12/23/80-Washington: And they're going to live there. President-elect Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, wave goodbye after touring the private residence of the White House December 13. They were heading back to California. Rosalynn Carter said December 15 that Nancy Reagan had telephoned her to deny ever saying that she wanted the Carters to move out of the White House early. Ph: Ron Edmond
71 American Soldiers on the Western Front Original Caption: Action photograph along the western front of men in the 23rd infantry of the second division firing a 37-mm gun at German position in France during World War I. April 3, 1948
72 Pope Jon Paul II Assisted By Aides After Shooting Original Caption: 5/14/81-Vatican City: Blood on his hands, Pope John Paul II is assisted by aides moments after he was shot while riding in his open car in St. Peter's Square May 13. Nehmet Ali Agca, the man named as the assailant who shot the oope, threatened to kill him after he escaped from prison in 1979, authorities said May 13. Ph: Vatican pool
73 Mother Teresa Releasing Peace Dove Mother Teresa and Robert Morgan, on behalf of Youth Corps, release a dove as a symbol for peace in front of 20,000 people at Varsity Stadium. June 27, 1982 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
74 Salvaging Tail of Crashed Plane A crane lifts the tail section of an Air Florida jet that crashed into the Potomac River after take off from Washington D.C. January 18, 1982
75 Machine Spraying Grapevines With Sulfur A VL 105 sprayer dusts grapevines with sulfur to prevent mildew. The machine also waters and fertilizes crops, covering about an acre an hour. California. August 27, 1982 Sonoma, California, USA
76 Overview of Spillway at Itaipu Dam Waters of the Parana River rush down the spillway of the newly-opened Itaipu Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric dam. Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil, November 4, 1982
77 Nikita Khrushchev Greeting Fidel Castro Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev embraces Cuban President Fidel Castro prior to a dinner at the Soviet legislation building in New York City. September 23, 1960.
78 President Kennedy at Pre-Inaugural Gala President-elect John F. Kennedy stands with wife Jackie and smiles at the applause given to him at the pre-Inaugural gala. Also on the podium is Patricia Lawford, Kennedy' s sister, and Matt McClosky, treasurer of the Democratic Party. January 19, 1961 Washington, DC, USA
79 President Kennedy Delivering Inauguration Speech President Kennedy delivers his inauguration speech on January 20, 1961.
80 Jazz Trumpeter Louis Armstrong Playing for His Wife in Giza American jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong plays the trumpet while his wife sits listening, with the Sphinx and one of the pyramids behind her, during a visit to the pyramids at Giza. January 28, 1961 Giza, United Arab Republic of Egypt
81 President Kennedy And Premier Khrushchev President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev leave the Soviet Embassy, where they met on June 4, 1961 Soviet Embassy, Vienna, Austria
82 View of Joseph Kennedy's Estate Original caption: 12/19/1961-Palm Beach, FL: Air view of the Joseph P. Kennedy home on Palm Beach. The presidents father was stricken on a Palm Beach golf course 12/19 and rushed to a hospital in West Palm Beach. December 19, 1961 Palm Beach, Florida, USA
83 John Glenn Climbing into Space Capsule Astronaut John Glenn pulls himself up into a Mercury Space Capsule to take his three-curcuit orbital flight into space. January 20, 1962 Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
84 Dance Scene From West Side Story Original Caption: 4/22/1961-Russ Tamblyn (Center, foreground) and members of his 'Jets' form a moving, swaying wall to taunt three trapped Puerto Rican Boys (l). The Puerto Ricans are members of the rival gang, 'The Sharks. This is one of the dances filmed on the sidewalks of New York City's West Side
85 Yuri Gagarin Riding a Bus to Spaceship Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin on his way to become the first man to orbit the Earth in the Soviet rocket Vostok 1. April 15, 1961 Moscow, Russia
86 Bobby Hull Smiling with Puck Original Caption: 3/25/1962- New York, NY: His 50th goal of the season. Chicago Black Hawks ace forward, Bobby Hull, holds up the puck he slammed past Ranger goalie Lorne Worsley during their game here 3.25 to score his 50th goal of the season. Hull thereby became the third man in the history of the National Hockey League to score that many goals in a single season. It was the only score the Black hawks made in the game as the New Yorkers downed them. Hull's teeth are noticeably missing as he smiles broadly in this picture. Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
87 Destroyed Homes on Fire Island An aerial veiw of beachfront homes in Point-o-Woods which had been destroyed by a storm. March 8, 1962 Point-o-Woods, New York, USA
88 Scene from The Guns of Navarone ca. 1961 -
89 Berlin Wall After One Year A man walks along the West Berlin side of the Berlin Wall in 1962. Rows of barbed wire on the eastern side are meant to discourage escape attempts. West Berlin, West Germany August 4, 1962
90 Khrushchev and Castro Shaking Hands Premiers Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union and Fidel Castro of Cuba shake hands and start to embrace in Moscow. Castro made a state visit to the Soviet Union in 1963. May 23, 1963 Moscow, USSR
91 Elvis Presley Singing Elvis Presley singing and playing the guitar in front of a microphone. January 1, 1955
92 Ann-Margret and Elvis Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley rehearse the duet they are to sing in the film Viva Las Vegas. July 29, 1963 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
93 The Beatles Seated on a Bench, 1963 The Beatles in matching outfits sitting on a bench. From left to right: John Lennon, 23, George Harrison, 20, Paul McCartney, 21, and Ringo Starr, 23. November 2, 1963
94 Flood Damage in Longarone Village Debris and damaged buildings are all that remain in the Italian village of Longarone after overflowing waters from the Vaiont Dam flooded the village, killing over 2,000 people. October 10, 1963. Longarone, Italy
95 Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor Original Caption: 12/23/1963-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Welsh actor Richard Burton and actress Elizabeth Taylor appear to be pondering how soon they can become man and wife as they rest chins on hands outside the Casa Kimberly where they are staying, here December 22nd. Burton said December 23rd that he will not be able to marry Miss Taylor before January 16th, 1964 because her divorce from singer Eddie Fisher 'will not go through before then.' He is scheduled to begin rehearsals for his role in 'Hamlet' in Toronto January 29th. December 23, 1963
96 Lee Harvey Oswald in Custody Texas Rangers escort accused Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald into a Dallas police facility. November 22, 1963 Dallas, Texas, USA
97 The Rolling Stones A portrait of The Rolling Stones, arm-in-arm, at the airport in London, England. May 29, 1964 London, England, UK
98 12-Year-Old Cassius Clay At 12-years old Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) shows his best pugilist stance. 1954 USA
99 Marine Carrying Blindfolded Vietcong Suspect A U.S. Marine carries a blindfolded woman suspected of Vietcong activities over his shoulder. She and other prisoners were rounded up during the joint Vietnamese-U.S. Operation Mallard, near Da Nang, Vietnam.
100 Hotel Demolished In Jerusalem Original caption: 7/28/1946- Jerusalem, Palestine: A view of the King David Hotel after it had been partially destroyed by a bomb blast July 22nd. Two huge explosions from mines planted in the basement by terrorists demolished the whole west wing of the hotel with a death toll of 80.
101 Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe Kiss Original Caption: 1954- Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe kiss at wedding. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe kiss following their marriage ceremony in a judge's chambers in San Francisco, California. January 14, 1954 San Francisco, California, USA
102 Audie Murphy in To Hell and Back Original Caption: 1955- Hollywood, CA: Audie Murphy, the most decorated war hero in the history of the United States reenacts some of his experiences in the European Theater of WWII in this scene from the upcoming movie 'To Hell And Back.' Here Audie is shown in action. Audie was a small, freckled face kid from texas who served 390 days in the front lines in Anzio, Sicily, France, the Rhine, the Colmar pocket, Nuremberg and Salzberg. He received 24 decorations in all including the Congressional Medal Of Honor. January 1, 1954 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
103 Marilyn Monroe on Subway Grate Actress Marilyn Monroe tries to hold down her dress as wind from a subway grate blows it upward during filming of The Seven Year Itch motion picture in Manhattan. September 16, 1954 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
104 Constructing Highway in Kansas Original caption: 11/4/55-Topeka, Kansas: Wrapping up the paving job, workmen spread wet burlap over a newly-laid stretch of concrete on the Kansas Turnpike, outside Topeka. The burlap remains in place for 48 hours as part of the curing process. In the distance, construction continues on the 24-foot south lane of the highway. When the burlap is removed, expansion joints will be sawed in the 10-inch concrete.
105 Cups and Saucers on Rope Walker Rope walker Dieter Tasso balances cups and saucers on his head as walks on a slack wire. March 30, 1954 New York, New York, USA
106 Segregated Bus in Texas Despite a court ruling on desegregating buses, white and blacks continue to be divided by their own choice. April 25, 1956 Dallas, Texas, USA
107 Kennedys at The Stork Club Original Caption: 5/8/1955-New York: Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy at the Stork Club. Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
108 Elvis Presley Performing Original caption: 6/22/1956-Even the mike must rock and roll as the volcanic Elvis Presley whips into the hectic finale of his musical outburst. Go, man, go! June 22, 1956 New York, New York, USA
109 Elvis Presley Performing Original caption: 6/22/56-New York: A pointing finger gives Elvis Presley a dramatic contact with his audience as he clutches the microphone with his other hand. Fancy footwork is part of his frenzied routine. June 22, 1956 New York, New York, USA
110 Blacks Sit in Seats of Their Choosing Despite a court ruling on desegregating buses, white and blacks continue to be divided by their own choice. December 21, 1956 Montgomery, Alabama, USA
111 Siblings Sharing Birthday Party The three Collins siblings, all born on the same day in different years, express different reactions to their cakes. Paul, 4, seems indifferent; 7-year-old Michael puffs up to blow out his candles; and Susan, 2, bursts into tears. February 7, 1958 Oceanside, New York, USA
112 Elvis Presley is Sworn In Elvis Presley is sworn into the army here March 24th by Maj. Elbert P. Turner (foreground, back to camera). The 23-year old Rock 'N' Roll singing star said he was 'dreading the haircut I'll get tomorrow,' but hopes to be treated 'no different than the other boys in the army.' Memphis, Tennessee, USA
113 Elvis Presley Rehearsing for The Ed Sullivan Show Original caption: 10/28/1956-New York, NY: Elvis Presley, hand on ear, as he rehearses for 'The Ed Sullivan Show.' October 28, 1956 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
114 Man Burning Picture Of Lenin Original caption: 11/5/1956-Budapest, Hungarian: Holding up a flaming picture of Lenin, this Hungarian plainly shows what he thinks of Communism. This picture belonged to a Soviet propaganda bookstore in Budapest which was stormed by angry crowds. They threw the contents of the store on the street to be destroyed. BPA 2#4136. November 5, 1956
115 Uprising Leader Addressing Crowd Original caption: 11/6/1956-Budapest, Hungary: Standing by a Hungarian Nationalist flag, one of the leaders of the uprising against Soviet domination addresses a crowd there after winning a brief interlude of freedom. But on November 6, the Red Army apparently had stamped out the last resistance in the revolt-torn country. Eyewitnesses reported that freedom fighters were being hanged from bridges over the Danube, or else were being shot on sight. Complete Caption in Envelope BPA 2 #4013
116 Gangster Albert Anastasia Dead in Barbershop Original caption: 10/25/1957-New York, NY: The covered body of racketeer Albert Anastasia, former 'Lord High Executioner' for Brooklyn's infamous Murder, Incorporated gang, lies on the floor of the barber shop of the Park-Sheraton Hotel here. Anastasia was shot down October 25th by two masked gunmen who walked in while he was being shaved and pumped bullets into him. He fell to the floor with shaving lather on his face, and died before a doctor could be called. BPA 2 #2114
117 Car Packing Sorority Girls Sorority sisters fro Alpha Delta Pi and Delta Zeta pack into a tiny Renault to try and set a record of 27 women in a car. Car packing was a fad that swept across America in the late 1950s and early 1960s. April 3, 1959 Sioux City, Iowa, USA
118 Fidel Castro Waving Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro waves to a cheering crowd upon his arrival in Havana, Cuba, after dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the island. January 1, 1959 Havana, Cuba
119 The Chariot Race from Ben Hur Original caption: 10/22/1958-Rome, Italy: This chariot race--a scene from out of the pages of history--is being run on the same road where some ancient Roman races probably were held. Driving the chariot at left is actor Charlton Heston, and at right is actor Stephen Boyd. It is one of the scenes in the new film version of 'Ben Hur,' which is being shot on location in Rome, Italy. The chariot race sequence took three months to film.
120 Private Elvis Presley Sits With Father Original caption: 8/14/1958-Memphis, Tennessee: Private Elvis Presley and his father numbed over the death of the singer's mother Mrs. Gladys Presley. She died this morning at a Memphis hospital of an apparent heart attack. Elvis, on a seven-day emergency furlough on the steps of the Presley mansion, with his father.
121 Street Covered With Ticker Tape; V-E Day Original Caption: 5/8/1945-New York, NY: Ticker tape covering the ground on V-E Day
122 Elvis Presley on Leave with His Parents Original caption: 6/2/58-Memphis, Tennessee: Pfc. Elvis Presley, on his first leave from the Army, escorts his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Presley, from their mansion here to town for a sneak preview of the entertainer's latest movie, June 1st. The film is called 'King Creole.'
123 Aborigine Photographing Fellow Tribesman An Australian Aborigine man photographs a fellow member of his tribe on the Palm Islands off Northern Queensland. March 18, 1929 Queensland, Australia
124 Unique Building With Holland Atmosphere Original Caption: 12/27/25-Los Angeles, California: This unique little building, with its Holland-like atmosphere, displays appetizing pies and cakes inside and is the object of many admiring eyes that pass outside. It is covered with vari-colored shingles and lends a picturesque touch to the Los Angeles, California Boulevard where it is situated
125 Yankee Stadium Opening Day Original caption: 4/18/1923-New york, NY: Yankee Stadium Opening Day-A view of the Stadium as cars are parked outside the stadium. Bronx, New York, New York, USA
126 Humphrey Bogart in You Can't Get Away with Murder Frank Wilson (Humphrey Bogart ) and Johnny Stone (Billy Halop) take contraband from a fellow prisoner in the 1939 movie You Can't Get Away with Murder. ca. 1939
127 Sleek New Car by Ghia Displayed at Automobile Show Original caption: Sleek Newcomer. Turin, Italy: A feeling of speed is brought out in the long, sleek super-luxury car called 'Gilda,' displayed at the 37th automobile show in Turin. Complete except for engine, the car, created by Ghia, seems to be the last word in streamlining. Some 450 exhibitions from 14 nations are showing their automotive products at the show. May 1, 1955
128 Giant Replica of King Cobra Original Caption: It is this impressive fork-tongued monster - a King Cobra - that greets you as you arrive at the famed Serpentarium, at Kendall, Florida. You get your breath back soon after learning that it's just a big replica - a fake snake. Beyond the dummy cobra, all the snakes are real. Veteran snake handler W.E. Haast owns the 'snake pit' and the thousand specimens living in it. The others in the Haast family also feel at ease with the slithery creatures. Mrs. Haast directs the conducted tours at the Serpentarium and their two-year-old daughter, Naia, amazes visitors with her deft handling of the elusive fellows. June 3, 1955 Kendall, Florida, USA
129 Nuns Rafting on Water Original caption: Sisters of the skillet relax. Nuns who do the cooking at the Catholic Youth Organization girls' camp in Peekskill get away from the stoves for a little relaxation and are taking it abroad their life raft in the swimming pool at the camp. Left to right are Sister De Sales, Sister Carmel (foreground with paddle), Sister James (paddling) and Sister Perpetua. They are of the Presentation Order, Staten Island. August 8, 1950 Peekskill, New York, USA
130 Lex Barker and Cheeta on Bench Original caption: 11/6/1950- Actor Lex Barker, wearing his 'Tarzan' loin-cloth, sits on a bench with his film co-star, Cheeta. November 6, 1950
131 Bomb Drill Original Caption: Open books are left on desks of the children of class 42-Junior High Elementary, as they dive under their desks during an 'A' bomb drill. Top view of children under their desks.
132 Bomb Drill Original Caption: Open books are left on desks of the children of class 42-Junior High Elementary, as they dive under their desks during an 'A' bomb drill. Top view of children under their desks.
133 Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Original Caption: 2/23/1959-Hollywood, CA- Actress Elizabeth Taylor is shown in a scene from the picture 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.'
134 Policemen Inspecting a Crime Scene Original caption: Death Watch. New York, New York: This was the grim scene outside an amusement arcade in downtown Brooklyn after Tony LaVanchino, 17, (covered body), had been shot to death in a teen gang feud. His friend John Lombardi, 17, wounded in the hand, turns his face away from the police surrounded body. Four youths were captured: among them Carl Cintron is alleged to have fired the shots. February 24, 1959 Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
135 Marilyn Monroe 1959 -
136 Dead Body on a Floor Original caption: Mary Honda Murder Case. Denver, Colorado: Photo shows victim, Mary Honda at the blood spattered murder scene. May 1942 Denver, Colorado, USA
137 Marilyn and Joe Dimaggio Original caption: Actress Marilyn Monroe and her husband Joe Dimaggio are show at El Morocco having dinner together this evening. Marilyn came to New York to shoot a couple of scenes for a movie and planned to fly back to Hollywood, when Hurricane Edna interfered. Former Yankee star Dimaggio flew into New York today to spend the weekend with his wife. September 12, 1954 New York, New York, USA
138 Reporter Interviewing Igor Gouzenko Original Caption: Igor Gouzenko, the former Russian Embassy cipher clerk whose defection in 1945 broke up a Soviet atomic spying ring, warned the United States to be wary of the Soviet Union's new 'soft line.' His prediction that the U.S.S.R. would attack the United States 'as soon as it gains enough confidence,' came in an exclusive interview with an international news service correspondent, Bob Considine. Considine is shown taking notes as Gouzenko donned a hood when photographers entered the room, spoke.
139 Famous Guests at the 'Crescendo' Original caption: Last night a group of Hollywood stars paid a visit to Mel Torme, who is singing at the 'Crescendo,' a night club on the Sunset Strip. Shown in the photo are left to right: Jacques Cernes, Marilyn Monroe, and Mel Torme. Standing are Sammy Davis, Jr., and Milton Greene, Marilyn's escort. This is the first public appearance for Sammy Davis Jr., since the loss of his eye in an auto accident. December 1954 Los Angeles, California, USA
140 Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin At age 27, Russian Air Force Major Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, on April 12, 1961. Gagarin was orbited around the earth and returned safely
141 View of Transport Plane Original caption: Here is the first full-flight photo of the Lockheed Hercules, a new transport designed for assignments as tough as the tasks of its mythological namesake. The Hercules, made for the US Air Force can take off from short runways with personnel or military supplies, fly higher and faster than existing military transport, discharge paratroops and airdrop cargo. It can land on rough or wet makeshift airstrips. The plane, to be known as the YC-130 has four Allison T-56 turboprop engines and develops 15,000 total horsepower. February 11, 1955 Burbank, California, USA
142 President Kennedy at News Conference President John F. Kennedy answers questions at a press conference about the attempted invasion of Cuba. April 21, 1961 Washington, DC, USA
143 Novitiates on Roller Skates Original caption: Members of the Carondelet Fathers Club, (L), look on with pride as their daughters, all novices at the St. Joseph's Novitiate show their skating skill in the 50 year old barn which the fathers transformed into a modern recreational facility. The barn was once used to house cows which they milked for their own community. November 26, 1962 Framingham, Massachusetts, USA
144 Laika, Russian Astro Dog Laika, the Russian space dog, rests comfortably inside the Soviet satellite Sputnik II in preparation of becoming the first living creature to orbit the earth. 1957
145 Atlas-F Missile Launch Original caption: A Strategic Air Command Atlas ICBM lifts from its launch pad in SAC's continuous missile testing and evaluation program. Once an unwanted piece of wasteland, this Air Force base is now the west's proving ground for push button missile weapons. ca. 1963 California, USA
146 Technical Device for Submarine Detection Original caption: This is the deep-diving bathyscapth Trieste, (shown in April 59 filer) which may be brought to the north Atlantic from the West Coast to inspect the area where the atomic powered submarine Thresher submerged. The Trieste, a research vessel which in 1960 made a record 35,800-feet-dive in the Pacific, could not be used for a rescue operation, but could help determine the Thresher's fate. April 11, 1963 Washington, DC, USA
147 The Three Stooges Holding Bowler Hats Original caption: Hollywood: It's not every movie star who has his teeth extracted by getting hit in the face with a shovel, but then Moe Howard is not every movie star. In fact, he's hardly any movie star at all. Without Curly Joe De Rita, (L), and Larry Fine (R), who comprise the other two thirds of the Three Stooges, he might find a more accepted means of having his bridgework rearranged. The 'Stooges' just completed their 204th movie, a full-length feature with the title of The Three Stooges Go Round The World in a Daze. June 14, 1963 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
148 Cassius Clay Buttoning His Lips Original Caption: Cassius Clay, whose reputation as a talker runs neck and neck with his accomplishments as a boxer, buttons up his lips with a button purportedly sent to him heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, as he arrives at Idlewild Airport from London June 19th fresh from his TKO triumph over British heavyweight champ Henry Cooper June 18th. since Liston's implication obviously as that Clay should put up or shut up, Clay's retort was to hold up eight fingers- four on each hand, with thumbs folded-- to indicate the number of the round in which he intends to flatten Liston and take the title. June 19, 1963 New York, New York, USA
149 Nuns Playing Baseball Original caption: It's a big change of pace for Sister Magdalene, S.S.C.J., of San Antonio, Tex., as she steps in determinedly to slam the ball in a ball game at the Davenport Ranch, all over the U.S., attending special summer classes at St. Edward's University, were invited to the ranch for a day's outing. They relaxed on their day off and played volleyball as well as baseball. July 2, 1963 Austin, Texas, USA
150 Grave of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy Original caption: Brookline, Mass.: Policeman stands guard at tiny grave of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy following burial services here. August 10, 1963 Brookline, Massachesetts, USA
151 Buddhist Monk Committing Ritual Suicide As a protest against the Ngo Dinh Diem government's anti-Buddhist policies, a young Buddhist monk performs a ritual suicide, by self immolation, in the central market square of Saigon. October 5, 1963 Saigon, South Vietnam
152 Nun Dancing with Children Original caption: In jig time for St. Patrick's day are Sister Mary Justus of the Sisters of the Sister of Notre Dame and two young friends, who reel to the glory of Ireland's Patron Saint at St. Elizabeth's day nursery here March 14, 1964. The two youngsters from the United Fund nursery are Charles Kelly (left) and Bobby Morris. March 14, 1964 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
153 Ringo Starr and Prince Philip Shaking Hands Original caption: The Prince is Confirmed Beatle Fan. London: Prince Philip (R) has just been confirmed a loyal Beatle fan as he shakes with the Beatle drummer Ringo Starr while other Beatles (L to R) George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney look on. The Prince met the rock and rolling, mop haired quartet when he was a the Empire ballroom in Leicester Square March 23 to present the Carl Alan awards. At extreme left is Beatle manager Brian Epstein. 1964 Londohn, England, UK
154 Salvador Dali Wearing Jacket Covered in Glasses Original Caption: Eccentric artist Salvador Dali literally means what he says by, 'the drinks are on me!' At a press party held in Paris, the well-known artist wore a dinner jacket he created with a multitude of cocktail glasses attached to it. Holding a short supply of straws, Dali also carried a microscope, not as a prop but to demonstrate his new phase in art...three-dimensional painting on canvas. May 16, 1964 Paris, France
155 General Eisenhower Conferring with Bernard Montgomery Original caption: General Dwight D. Eisenhower (left) shows the strain of his command in his expression as he and Britain's Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery (right), his deputy commander, confer on invasion plans of Normandy. General Eisenhower had the agonizing task of deciding when to invade Europe. June 1944 England, UK
156 Ringo Starr Giving Thumbs Up Drummer Ringo Starr of The Beatles giving a 'thumbs up' sign before leaving Heathrow Airport to rejoin his band currently touring Australia. The 23-year-old Ringo left the hospital after being bedridden for eight days with tonsillitis and pharyngitis. June 12, 1964 London, England, UK
157 The Beatles and Princess Margaret Original caption: London: Girl: Lady Snowdon, formerly Mrs. Margaret Armstrong Jones. Boys: Messrs. Starr, McCartney, Lennon and Harrison. Scene: A London cine,a for the premier of the new Beatles film A Hard Day's Night. Which, in case you hadn't realized boils down to the fact that Princess Margaret is a Beatle fan. She was guest of honour at the film, P.S. don't ask us who had the haircut first, the Princess or the Beatles? July 6, 1964
158 Boxer Muhammad Ali and Wife Sonji Roi Original Caption: World heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay, 22, who under the name Muhammad Ali is a member of the Black Muslims, is shown with Chicago model, known as Sonji Roi, 24. Clay introduced Miss Roi to Brad Pye Jr., sports editor of the Los Angeles Sentinel, a Negro newspaper as his bride. Pye reports: 'Muhammad Ali introduced a lovely chocolate-colored beauty identified only as 'Sonji' to this writer as his wife in the Statler-Hilton room...following an interview...' August 13, 1964 Los Angeles, California, USA
159 Robert Kennedy Conversing With Edward Kennedy Original caption: New York Senator-elect Robert F. Kennedy and injured brother Sen. Edward Kennedy are silhouetted on the sun porch of New England Baptist Hospital as they hold conversation. Robert Kennedy defeated Sen. Kenneth Keating in New York and Sen. Edward Kennedy defeated Howard Whitmore in Massachusetts. November 4, 1964 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
160 Nuns in a Civil Rights March Original caption: Nuns are in the forefront of new civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. Selma City officials halted the marchers less than a block from their starting point and told them no march would be allowed. March 10, 1965 Selma, Alabama, USA
161 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton En Route to Hotel Original Caption: Actress Elizabeth Taylor and husband Richard Burton arrive in this photo at the Plaza Hotel in New York for meeting with the press. The couple is here for the American premier of the movie Dr. Faustus, in which they co-star. February 5, 1968 New York, New York, USA
162 Replica of Mayflower Sailing Original Caption: Sailing the seas near Plymouth, Massachusetts, is the replica Pilgrim ship, Mayflower II. The vessel recreates the famous voyage of 1620 with historical flavor and authenticity. March 9, 1968
163 Tanks on Allied Territory in Khe Sanh U.S. Marines tank crews watch results of American air support from inside the allied base on March 1st, just below the DMZ. U.S. Leathernecks later laid down murderous fire across the barbed wire perimeter, repulsing one of several North Vietnamese thrusts against the strong point. Photographer: Dave Powell. ca. March 1968 Khe Sanh, South Vietnam
164 Salvador Dali Dali sails aboard the S.S. United States, the world's fastest liner, for Europe where he will spend the summer season. April 17, 1967 New York, New York, USA
165 Brigitte Bardot December 21, 1968
166 Portrait of Jacqueline Onassis, Caroline Kennedy and Christina Onassis Original caption: Jacqueline Onassis and her daughter, Caroline Kennedy, head back to Aristotle Onassis' yacht, Christina, with Aristotle's daughter, Christina (left), after attending Christmas Mass at the Church of the Virgin Mary in this village on the Ionian island of Lefkas. Mrs. Onassis spent her first Greek Christmas with Onassis on the yacht, anchored off his private island of Skorpios. Girl in white coat at extreme left is Tina Onassis, daughter of Ari. December 25, 1968 Nidrion, Greece
167 Spectators Look At Kennedy Car Accident Original caption: 7/24/1969- Edgartown, MA- Curious spectators look on from pier at the car driven by Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy which plunged off a bridge on Martha's Vineyard on July 19th. Kennedy escaped from the crash in which Miss Mary Jo Kopechne, 29, of Washington, DC, was killed. She had worked as a secretary to the late Senator Robert Kennedy. BPA2#4587. Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA
168 Diver Inspecting Chappaquidick Accident Scene Original caption: Edgartown, Massachusetts: A frogman attempts to raise car eight hours after it plunged into pond here with Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy behind the wheel, July 19. Mary Jo Kopechne, 29, was killed in the crash. Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and received a suspended two-month jail sentence. July 19, 1969.
169 Coroners with Sharon Tate's Body Coroner's office personnel wheel the body of film actress Sharon Tate from her home in Bel Air, California, August 9th after she and four others were found murdered. Homicide squads fanned out across Los Angeles August 11th attempting to tie together those slayings and the bizarre deaths of a married couple a dozen miles away. August 9, 1969 Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA
170 Zionist Organizers Meeting in Desert Original caption: Hill of Spring. Tel Aviv: In 1909, members of two Zionist settlement societies gathered in the desert near Jaffa in Turkish-ruled Palestine to cast lots for building sites. The Jews worked and lived in Jaffa, a 3,500 year-old Arab city, but decided to build the first all-Jewish city in 2,000 years. They named it Tel Aviv, literally 'Hill of Spring.' September 10, 1909 Tel Aviv, Israel
171 Astronaut Walking on Moon During Apollo 12 Mission Original caption: Taking a Walk on the Moon. The Moon: One of the Apollo 12 astronauts is photographed with tools and carrier for lunar hand tools during moonwalk activities. Several footprints made by the astronauts can be seen in the foreground. The photo was made by the astronauts and released by NASA Nov. 27. November 27, 1969
172 Karl Wallenda Walking Tight Wire Original caption: Starting from the right field roof, high wire artist Karl Wallenda makes his way across the 600-foot tight wire 150 feet above Busch Memorial Stadium while 23,500 Shrine circus patrons watch, 6/18. This is the first time the 67-year-old artist accomplished such a feat before a circus audience. His journey highlighted the opening of the 29th annual presentation of the benefit Moolah Shrine Circus. June 19, 1971 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
173 Chilean Cardinal Raul Silva Hernandez and Fidel Castro Original caption: Cuban Premier Fidel Castro, wearing a dress uniform, speaks with Chilean Cardinal Raul Silva Hernandez at a reception here. In a statement on November 11th, Castro said Cuba was not interested in rejoining the Organization of American States, (OAS) from which Cuba was suspended in 1962. He said Cuba would not consider such a move under any circumstances. November 12, 1971
174 Indian Troops Advancing Original Caption: On the Move. Puklean Kheri, West Pakistan: Indian soldiers advance along road 10 miles inside West Pakistan and 35 miles northwest of Jammu, Kashmir, Dec. 9th. A military spokesman in New Delhi said, Dec. 13th, Indian paratroopers smashed through the outer defenses of Dacca and reached a point six miles from the heart of the city. December 13, 1971 Puklean Kheri, West Pakistan
175 Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell as Alex Delarge from . 1971
176 Nixon Meets with Mao Original caption: 2/21/1972-Peking, China- President Richard M. Nixon (2nd from R) confers with Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-tung (C). Others at the historic meeting included (L-R): Premier Chou En-lai; interpreter Tang Wen-sheng; and Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Nixon's national security adviser. February 21, 1972
177 Demonstrators Protesting at ITT Office in New York Original Caption: ITT Protest. New York: Demonstrators march and lie down in front of building housing ITT offices here, April 12th. The demonstrators were protesting the reported production by ITT of components used to detect sound, smell or vibration which aid in guiding bombers to targets in southeast Asia. April 12, 1972 New York, New York, USA
178 Demonstrators Burning American Flag Original Caption: Burn American Flag. Salzburg, Austria: Demonstrators burn an American flag in the streets of Salzburg, Austria at the conclusion of a protest march through the city. The sign at left says 'Nixon kills and Kreisky keeps silent.' Among the demonstrators was Peter Kriesky, the 28 year old son of Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kriesky, Nixon's official host. The President will make a 36-hour stopover in Salzburg en route to the Moscow summitt. May 20, 1972 Salzburg, Austria
179 Carburetion Testing at the Indy 500 Original Caption: Lloyd Ruby(5) and A.J. Foyt(2) chase rookie, Salt Walther, through a turn at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during carburetion tests for the Indy 500. May 24, 1972 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
180 First Airplane Belonging to Charles Lindbergh After Crash Original caption: Charles A. Lindbergh's first airplane, Jenny, which he bought for $500, lies smashed in a field in Glencoe, Minnesota. Crash occurred in 1923 while he was flying with his father, who was campaigning for U.S. Senate. Neither was hurt in the crash and the younger Lindbergh later wrote, 'Damage to my Jenny was very easily repaired in the field.' ca. 1923 Glencoe, Minnesota, USA
181 Mick Jagger Singing Original Caption: With microphone in hand, Mick Jagger, star of the Rolling Stones rock group, sings to some 20,000 ecstatic fans at the Montreal Forum, during a one-night show on the Stones' North American tour. Some 3,000 fans without tickets caused an uproar outside the Forum throwing bottles and stones at police. Thirteen people were arrested when the riot squad cleared the streets. July 17, 1972
182 Helicopter Flying Original Caption: Munich: A helicopter, one of three carrying Arab guerillas and their Israeli hostages, takes off from a makeshift helicopter pad at the Olympic Village (Olympisches Dorf) bound for a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air base near Munich, September 5. September 5, 1972
183 Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon ca. 1973
184 Exterior View of Closed Gas Station with Posted Sign Original Caption: One of Denver's area gas stations is shown here. Most area gas stations are closed on Sundays during the gas shortage in order to conserve gas. August 6, 1973 Denver, Colorado, USA
185 Billie Jean King Playing Tennis with a Difficult Move Original Caption: Billie Jean King reaches for the ball in the first set of her match with aging Bobby Riggs, (not pictured), for $100,000 winner-take-all match in the Astrodome. September 20, 1973 Houston, Texas, USA
186 Linda Lovelace Undressing on Screen Original Caption: Linda Lovelace is shown here in the motion picture, . 1974
187 Hank Aaron at Press Conference After 715th Home Run Original Caption: Wearing a broad smile, Hank Aaron describes his 715th home run during a news conference following the game. Aaron broke Babe Ruth's old record of 714 homers in the 4th inning of the Braves game with the Dodgers. April 8, 1974 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
188 Mobutu and Ali Talking Original Caption: Zaire President Joseph Mobuto (right) shows his elaborate walking stick to heavyweight challenger Muhammed Ali during a stroll around the gardens of the presidential palace here Oct. 28th. Ali seeks to regain the heavyweight title in bout against George Foreman here Oct. 30th. Photographer: Ron Kuntz Date Photographed: October 28, 1974 Kinshasa, Zaire
189 Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson in Chinatown Original caption: 12/1974-Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson are shown in a scene from the movie 'Chinatown.' December 1974
190 Actors in Murder on the Orient Express Original caption: The suspects are many as Albert Finney (center) as Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, puts together the baffling clues surrounding a violent murder that has occurred during a three-day journey from Istanbul to Calais in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, a Paramount Pictures release of a John Bradbourne-Richard Goodwin Production. Facing the interrogation are (left to right), Jean Pierre Cassel, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, George Coulouris, Rachel Roberts, Wendy Hiller, Denis Quilley, Michael York, Jacqueline Bisset, Lauren Bacall, and Martin Balsam. Produced by John Brabourne and Richard Goodwin, the screenplay is by Paul Dehn. Sidney Lumet directed. December 1974
191 Pete Maravich Charging Lucius Allen Original caption: If you're going to foul a guy you may as well do it right. New Orleans' Pete Maravich does a job on Laker Lucius Allen as he charges, holds on, pokes an elbow and then steps on his toes. New Orleans has not won a game this season on the home court of another NBA club. They were down 10-points early against the Lakers. January 24, 1975 Inglewood, California, USA
192 Karen Silkwood's Crushed Car Original caption: On 11/13/74 Karen Silkwood, 28, was killed when the car she was driving, shown in this file photo, left a road near Oklahoma City and crashed. The state highway patrol said she probably fell asleep but the union at the plutonium processing plant where she worked says they have evidence she was forced off the road. January 29, 1975 Crescent, Oklahoma, USA
193 Political Activist Mahatma Gandhi Original caption: Gandhi Released from Prison. Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian Nationalist leader was released from the Yeroda Goal near Poona, after being in prison for 8 1/2 months. After his release he travelled direct to Bombay when he was accorded a great welcome from thousands of his followers, who had waited many hours to welcome the return of their leader. Photo shows: The first picture to be received in London, showing Mahatma Gandhi, newly released from prison, acknowledging the cheers of his followers on his arrival in Bombay. February 14, 1931 Bombay, India
194 Franklin Bar & Grill Under the Brooklyn Bridge by Brett Weston Photographer: Brett Weston Date Photographed: ca. 1943-1945 Date Created: 1869-1883 Location Information: New York, New York, USA
195 Midtown New York, 1945 Photographer: Brett Weston Date Photographed: 1945 Location Information: Manhattan, New York, New York, USA































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