Sherry Bellamy lampwork beads (73 photos)

16 February 2013
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Category: sculptures, 0+

I have been fascinated by glass since childhood and am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with this incredible material. Primarily self-taught, I enjoy trying to push the boundaries of bead making and glass sculpture and have developed several innovative techniques.
I spend a lot of time developing the internal architecture of my beads, building them from the inside out; I really like the idea of imprinting the design inside the bead.
I have had the privilege of taking classes with several brilliant glass artists; Most recently I studied in Italy with Lucio Bubacco. Watching Lucio was nothing short of a revelation: he does things with glass that I thought were impossible.
Teaching students how to expand their knowledge of glass bead making is becoming an important part of my career and I love it!
I live in British Columbia, Canada with my husband David and our dog Buddy.

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