Song of Glass and Flame or a unique master of glass (16 photos + 3 videos)

7 May 2024
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I would like to introduce you to an amazing person and an amazing girl - a sorceress of glass and flame who creates stunningly realistic works. Anastasia's name is widely known not only among art connoisseurs, but also among craftsmen and collectors. Anastasia regularly attends foreign exhibitions, conducts master classes and allows people to touch the fragile perfection of the North and see the beauty of the mysterious soul.

First, a few words about the master

Anastasia Pribelskaya was born in 1988 in Moscow. The author works with glass using lampwork, priez et poussez, pate de verre techniques. Creator of the Glass Academy training center in Moscow.

Anastasia’s first personal exhibition opened at the Glass Museum of the Elagin Palace in 2013. Its main theme was the natural forms and cultural code of Russia. This also became the first personal exhibition of lampwork in Russia.

In 2014 - 2016, Anastasia organized the first international exhibition of contemporary glass in Russia ‘Glass’n’Fire Expo’ (Moscow). In parallel with this, the author began to explore the north on annual expeditions to the Kola Peninsula and the Arctic. Subsequently, this became the main theme in the author’s art.

Anastasia creates collections of art and jewelry dedicated to the traditions and plants of the Arctic, takes part in exhibitions at the DPI Museum, the Yelagin Museum, the Muravyov-Apostol Estate, the Ilgiz Faulzyanov Gallery, etc. Anastasia’s personal exhibitions are held in galleries in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The author's works are in the collections of the Elagin Palace Museum, the Dmitrov Kremlin Museum, Glass Symposium Museum (USA), in private collections in Japan, France, Great Britain, Norway, USA, Italy, etc.

This is how Anastasia herself talks about her work

My passion is nature and life of the north. This land gives ideas, images, awareness of oneself as a person, as part of a family. On expeditions to the Kola Peninsula, the Arctic and other hard-to-reach territories of Russia, I find striking images, collect sketches and notes in travel diaries and, most importantly, find myself.

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Seeing the beauty in the north requires attention, visual and mental work. Recognition and tenderness consist of knowledge of history, tradition and its combination with the ability to look and notice. The aesthetics of the north are delicate. It does not catch the eye, but gives time to breathe, look closely, and discern the rhythm of the blades of grass against the backdrop of the silver crown of the old church.

I am interested in searching and finding intuitive and recognizable images, and reinterpreting them in my art. On the one hand, I explore the mythologization of natural phenomena and traditional life, the origin of fairy tales and folklore in things that are common to the viewer, I work with a mythical environment that requires constant work with associations and the creation of my own images.

On the other hand, I look for answers in the detailed repetition of natural forms and the contemplation of wild plants. Here the Japanese philosophy “Yugen” is close to me - beauty is in transience, fragility, understatement. And here there can be no material more delicate and suitable than glass.

To create bouquets, I use the lampwork technique - melting glass in an open flame of a burner. By mixing Murano, Bohemian and other glass, I achieve the desired natural shades and form the finest elements from the heated mass.

So let my creativity go into two inseparable directions - collectible jewelry with images caught on expeditions, and the finest compositions of glass flowers.

And now I invite you to admire the works and the process of their creation

The finest magic. What a play of colors!

All flowers are made of glass in an open flame burner. Each element is formed and fused entirely by hand

A little behind the scenes of beauty creation

Impossible fragility to transparency

As if it had just been collected at the edge of the forest. Amazing tenderness

Incomprehensible magic in my opinion

Damn, they're actually alive!

By the way, Anastasia creates not only the finest floral arrangements, but also jewelry and interior items.

And it’s awesome that such amazing masters are born on our land, glorifying the native nature and culture of their land.


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