This guy took rock collecting on the beach to a new level (13 photos)

24 February 2024
Category: sculptures, 0+

Jon Foreman is a true wizard who turns everyday things into works of art. His unusual sculptures and figures are made from a wide variety of materials, often natural, as if nature itself created them.

1. John Foreman's work looks simple, but in fact it is the result of painstaking and time-consuming work.

2. His projects require not only inspiration, but also incredible endurance: after all, you need to find the right material and create that very form

Как садят рис
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4. Each of John’s works has a unique natural aesthetic; the sculptor is inseparable from nature


6. Behind each of his projects is a huge amount of time and patience. He pays attention to every detail, striving to convey his vision to the viewer through form and texture.


8. The author demonstrates that art is not limited to anything, but can be embodied in everything that surrounds us


10. He is already being invited by various hotels who want to decorate the lobby with unusual works.


12. Through his talent for seeing beauty in the world around us, John Forman creates a new understanding of art that gives meaning to things that might otherwise go unnoticed, because stones and sand are rarely seen by anyone.

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