Touching angels, grimacing dolls, frightening faces and other ways to reveal talent from Johnson Tsang (40 photos)

24 January 2024
Category: sculptures, China, 16+

Once upon a time there was an ordinary Hong Kong policeman. He was tired of the dangerous work, and the peace officer decided to retrain as a sculptor. After all, soft pliable clay was much friendlier than dark criminals.

It turned out so well for him that his creations with the most diverse range of emotions are studied by professionals and amateurs all over the world. And all because Johnson Tsang’s sculptures organically combine surrealism and realism, fantasy and satire, touching tenderness and exciting threat, dynamics and philosophy. We can safely say that this author managed to discover a completely different facet of porcelain and give it a second life.

Johnson Tsang

Born in Hong Kong, Johnson Tsang's work primarily uses realistic sculptural techniques accompanied by surreal imagination. In 2002, Johnson began to embody diverse outbursts of emotion through ceramics.

Over the past decade, Johnson has perfected his technique of capturing the instantaneous moment of splatter using white porcelain. In 2011 and 2012, Tsang’s works “Bowls of Fantasy” and “Splash of Miracles” were awarded special prizes at international competitions.

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In addition to ceramics, Tsang has been working on stainless steel sculptures and public art projects since 2004. Many private and government organizations approached him with orders. Since 2014, Tsang has been appointed as a museum expert for the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services. But he doesn’t forget about his life’s work, devoting 8-9 hours a day to creativity, continuing to give life to strange, but surprisingly soulful creations.

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