The fear is in the details: dark illustrations that you'll have to take a closer look at (17 photos)

15 October 2021
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Grab your magnifying glasses, dear detectives - there is a case for you! Artist Jeff Lee Johnson creates stunning illustrations that seem innocent at first glance - the true Lovecraftian horror lies in the details.

Jeff Lee Johnson grew up in rural Minnesota, in a house full of books by authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Kenneth Robeson, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. Since his mother was also an artist, she provided him with an endless supply of materials, tools and patient instructions so that he could put on canvas what his imagination sparked, fueled by the stories of these writers. Jeff now divides his time between personal projects that he has long wanted to implement and his work as an art director at Fantasy Flight Games. The artist still enjoys creating frightening images - his favorite characters love their work, and, according to him, this makes them worthy of admiration and understanding.

Every little detail matters in Jeff's illustrations. He fills the frame with so much detail that it is almost impossible to look away from his work. It seems that there is always something new to notice in them.

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