12 portraits of famous photographers posing with their legendary photographs (13 photos)

24 May 2024
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Today you will probably see their faces for the first time and learn their names.

The photo project of American photographer Tim Mantoani 2013-2014 presents portraits of famous photographers with their world-famous photographs. Its purpose is clear - to pay tribute to the people behind great photographs.

Steve McCurry and his photograph known as "Afghan Girl" (1984)

The girl’s name, by the way, is Sharbat Gula, and now she is already 50 years old!

David Dubilet and his "Circle of Barracudas" (1987)

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Jeff Widener and his photograph "Unknown Rebel" (1989)

The image is prohibited in China. As well as information about the events in Tiananmen Square that preceded the day the photo was taken.

Thomas D. Mangelsen and his photograph "Catch of the Day" (1988)

Harry Benson, who took one of the most famous series of photographs of The Beatles (1964)

Harry Benson is now 92 years old!

Douglas Kirkland and the famous photo from his photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe (1961)

Neil Leifer and his photo "Ali vs. Liston" (1965)

The photo captured the famous knockout that Muhammad Ali inflicted on Sonny Liston just two minutes into the fight. After his opponent fell, Ali bent over him, urging him to get up.

Mary Ellen Mark and photograph of trainer Ram Prakasham Singh with his elephant Shyama (1990)

Bob Gruen and his famous photo of John Lennon (1974)

John Lennon asked me to come to his penthouse on the east side of New York to take photographs for the cover of his Walls and Bridges album. After we did a series of portraits for the record cover, we did a few more informal shots for the promotion. I asked him if he still had the New York City FC jersey I had given him the year before. He put it on and we took this photo.

Vincent Laforet and his photograph “Me and My Man”

Vincent Laforet is the youngest among all his colleagues in this photo project. He loves to photograph objects from above.

Herman Leonard and his photograph of saxophonist Dexter Gordon (1948)

Elliott Erwitt and his photograph “Two Dogs with an Owner” (1974)

The photo I'm holding in my hands was taken in 1974, right across the street from my apartment in New York's Central Park. 38 years have passed since that event, and, unfortunately, I have lost contact with its participants.

The photo perfectly highlights the difference between the Great Dane and the Chihuahua. By the way, Elliott Erwitt is now 93 years old. Good photographers manage to live a very long time!


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