14 wonderful photos about why long hair is so popular in South America (15 photos)

18 May 2024

In Latin America, there is a special attitude towards long hair.

Long hair has been considered a decoration for girls for centuries, and Irina Werning studies this beauty. She travels to South American countries and photographs girls, young women and women with long hair. Irina called her project Dear Long Hair, and she has devoted many years to it. However, for Irina, long hair is not only about beauty, it is an expression of the identity of each girl and their connection with their ancestors.

Irina's project is dedicated to the natural beauty of Latin American women

In search of his models, Werning travels everywhere, from large cities to remote villages in the mountains.

Как садят рис
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She asks all the heroines the same question: “Why do you have long hair?”

The answers are always different, some answer that they themselves like this kind of hair

Others say that their father looks after them, and this is their special value

However, Irina is convinced that the real reason for long hair is a tribute to tradition

Hair has played an important role in many cultures, from Native Americans to Indian Sikhs.

They were given power

Despite the fact that the cultures and beliefs of these peoples are very different, they are surprisingly similar

In Latin American countries they believe that hair is the embodiment of our thoughts.

Therefore, long braids are part of the local culture

Indigenous peoples of America believe that hair is a connection to the land and ancestors.

They are an extension of the person himself

This knowledge and attitude towards hair is passed down from generation to generation.


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