Famous documentary photographer Dmitry Markov died (12 photos)

24 April 2024

He was known as the author of photographs of “provincial” Russia, taken with a smartphone camera. Markov was called “the voice of the outback.”

Dmitry Markov was born in the town of Pushkino near Moscow. In 2005, he moved from the Moscow region to the Porkhovsky district of the Pskov region.

He loved the province, and filmed it without embellishment, first on a simple smartphone, then on an iPhone with a better camera.

Markov’s photographs were most often spontaneous, not staged. They depict the ordinary life of ordinary Russians.

Как садят рис
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For many years, Markov traveled to social institutions with employees of charitable foundations as a volunteer. From 2007 to 2012, Dmitry worked in the Pskov public organization "Rostok" with orphans from correctional orphanages, as well as a teacher in the Fedkovo children's village and tried to draw attention to the problems of boarding school graduates with his photos.

He was called the “voice of the outback”: Markov constantly traveled through villages and small towns, talked with local residents and, of course, took surprisingly touching photos.

Many people remember the photographer from the photo of the security officer in the photo of Putin’s portrait. This photo was taken at the police station and sold at auction for 20 thousand dollars.

Markov's works were regularly exhibited in one of the Parisian galleries, as well as in the USA. In the fall of 2018, Markov was invited to France to the prestigious Paris Photo exhibition. He himself considered himself a villager and rested his soul only away from big cities.

Dmitry Markov was 41 years old.


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