Surrealism and cats in the works of Mattein Franssen (45 photos)

5 April 2024

Ordinary photo manipulation or magic? When looking at the works of this Dutch photographer, you cannot immediately answer this question.

As a child, the boy, like many children, was fond of drawing. Then I switched from pencils to paints. And since 2004, Mattijn Franssen became interested in photomontage.

And it was precisely this technique that fascinated him more than others. In his works, the Dutch artist from Hilversum uses his own paintings and photographs, never turning to someone else’s material:

Sometime in 2004, I started making photomontages as sketches for possible paintings. They turned out much better than I expected, they were interesting, and most importantly, I had the freedom to change the composition along the way and the ability to use a simple photo editor to correct mistakes. This is what I was missing in the oil painting technique. It gave me the feeling that I was able to create anything I could imagine. All you had to do was take the right photo.

Ordinary people and ordinary places in the photographs are so seamlessly combined with fantasy elements that it is difficult to believe that this is an artificially created and not a real photo.

It is noteworthy that many of the author’s works feature Mattein’s own cat. At the same time, the tailed one feels quite confident and looks like a helper and assistant, and sometimes even an equal comrade and friend of human characters.

The key condition for becoming, according to Franssen, is the search and creation of one’s own unique style and the world that is built with its help. And for this, it is important to promptly move away from copying other people’s ideas as a source of experience in order to begin implementing your own.

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