The photographer became the record holder for the deepest sea photo shoot (6 photos)

24 March 2024

Photographer Steven Haining and model Marisha Kloops together set the record for the deepest photo shoot. They went to a lake in Canada and dived to a depth of 30 meters.

In 2021, photographer Stephen Haining entered the Guinness Book of Records for the world's deepest-sea photo shoot. But this time he decided to break his own record and went to Lake Huron (Ontario, Canada) in the company of model Marisha Kloops and diver Mario Medarevich.

The united team dived to a depth of 30 meters to the sunken ship "Niagara II", surpassing the previous achievement by 23.6 meters.

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Stephen said that in general there is no need to dive that deep for underwater photo shoots, so this time everything was done solely for the sake of the record.

Particular difficulties were caused by poor visibility under water and cold. Actually, it was because of the cold that everything ended. At some point, Marisha made it clear with signs that she could no longer be in cold water. As a result, the entire filming process, including diving and ascent, took 33 minutes.

Admiring the pictures and being proud of the new record, the photographer added that now he wants to try to arrange a photo shoot high in the sky. After swimming in the watery depths, it's time to fly.

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