A huge installation of 448 pyramids was built in Abu Dhabi (12 photos)

29 February 2024

Artist Jim Denevan has created a large-scale above-ground art installation in Abu Dhabi. This unusual work of art covers an area of almost one square kilometer and reaches a height of 27 meters. The installation is located on Fahid Island, where the city meets the desert.

The author of this giant installation is American artist Jim Denevan. It became the centerpiece of the city-wide light art exhibition Manar Abu Dhabi, which takes place in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and is now considered one of the largest land-based installations in the world. It consists of 448 pyramids, which are located in 19 concentric circles in the form of a mandala - and symbolizes the transience of time and the connection with nature.

The installation features two viewing pyramids that visitors can climb to view the entire composition and the surrounding natural landscape. At sunset, the installation turns into a flickering light show: more than a thousand solar-powered lanterns gradually light up with a warm light, casting light shadows and creating an incredible spectacle. Here's what the entire installation looks like in the evening:

Как садят рис
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As conceived by Jim Denevan, his creation also has a philosophical meaning. According to him, the installation “invites” visitors to physical and psychological exploration: it encourages them to think about the opposition of the eternal and the momentary, sameness and radical difference, and to observe the play of scales. Take a look at this majestic structure:

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