The joy of a winter walk (30 photos)

20 February 2024

With the arrival of winter, we often miss its simple beauty - the light dance of snowflakes under the light of a lantern, whimsical frosty patterns on the windows, funny weirdos that happy children sculpt from the snow. We should learn to enjoy the snowy season from our little brothers.

Especially for dogs, for whom every trip out into the street, into the yard or into the park is a fireworks display of emotions and a storm of delight. Looking at the burning eyes, sniffling noses and fussy paws, you inevitably begin to smile and notice the simple beauty of a winter walk.

1. We are flying in a snowstorm

2. Three girls, and maybe a good guy

Как садят рис
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3. Delivering happiness

4. Storm of emotions

5. Winter for sports

6. Is it snow?

7. What is our life? A game!

8. I will get more snow than you!

9. She forgot me!

10. Winter in curls

11. Hurray, I waited!

12. Sparkling delight

13. Let's run well! And we lie well too!

14. Sparkling Delight

15. Winter weightlessness

16. A bundle of delight

17. Winter style

18. Snowiness and tenderness

19. Why are you frozen, you have to do everything in time!

20. Winter fun

21. I’ll rest a little and start walking again

22. I am a snowstorm, I am a tornado, I am a whirlwind!

23. Catch-up

24. I'm catching it!

25. Snow gang

26. Please consider the swim successful

27. Tender-snowy

28. Winter prey

29. This is all for you

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