The photographer showed how climate change affects the inhabitants of the planet (12 photos)

3 February 2024

A significant project by photographer Nick Brandt - about how climate change affects the lives of the planet's inhabitants. For this project he went to the South Pacific to show pressing problems caused by rising sea levels. Most from This problem affects the inhabitants of the Fiji Islands, whom the photographer showed in your project. These pictures can evoke different emotions - but no one will leave you indifferent.

As part of his photo project "SINK/ RISE" photographer Nick Brandt traveled to the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, which most affected by rising sea levels. Conceiving the project, Brandt wanted to draw the public's attention to the danger they were in Pacific Islands. He gathered about 12 local residents and attracted participation in an underwater photo shoot. Although most locals have excellent swimming skills underwater, during filming they had a task: to behave It is natural to depict scenes from ordinary life. And the participants are wonderful done it!

Filming lasted six weeks with the help of a large crew, and even a local dive master who conducted a comprehensive preparation of all participants. Photographs were taken at a depth of two to four meters. They all show that local residents can very soon to lose: their homes, culture and heritage will simply be under water.

"I came up with this concept last year. It's visually and metaphorically depicts the impact of sea level rise on hundreds of millions of people all over the planet. Many islands of the South Pacific oceans are especially vulnerable. Many of them are at the height of just several meters above sea level, which means they will disappear over time. In addition, their economy is heavily dependent on the ocean. That’s why I chose this region for filming,” says photographer.

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"The people in these photographs live next to the ocean in Savusavu, on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. In the coming decades they will lose their homes, land and livelihoods as a result rising ocean," continues the photographer.

According to the photographer, during the shooting itself, the only the difficulty was the capricious elements. Due to the presence of plankton in the water, some days the water was not clear enough, and other days the ocean Storms raged: so the team took breaks quite often.

"For me, climate change is the most important issue that has ever faced humanity. She is important to me and I I wish it was important to a lot more people. IN otherwise, we're just going nowhere," says Nick.

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