“Wiggle your brains”: beautiful visualization of the processes that occur in our brain every day (14 photos)

20 November 2023

Neuroscientist Greg Dunn and physicist Brian Edwards decided to prove that science and creativity are very compatible. They showed a very beautiful visualization of the processes that occur in our brain every day. This is a series of pictures of fragments of the human brain while they are busy processing information or performing their functions. It looks really very cool.

Parietal gyrus

The area of the brain where information about movement and what we see are connected.


Responsible for coordination and our sense of ourselves in space.

Motor and parietal cortex

Как садят рис
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These areas are responsible for our sensations. They also control the movements of the eyes, head and hands.

Brain stem and cerebellum

Responsible for basic body functions and body movement.


Transmits information from the spinal cord to parts of the brain.

Parietal lobe sulcus

Visual cortex

This is how we process visual information.

Thalamus and basal ganglia

Responsible for feelings and decision making.

Basal ganglia

Responsible for motor skills, movement and decision making.


Responsible for eye movement, hearing, attention, various reflexes and reactions to stimuli.

General view of the brain

And in gold color

Another shot of the basal ganglia

Detail of the cerebellum

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