“The Prince and the Pauper”: an interesting project by American photographer Horia Manolash (13 photos)

10 November 2023

You never know what fate has in store for us. And sometimes these surprises turn out to be extremely unpleasant. Unfortunately, not all people can take a punch like Rocky Balboa. As a result, alcohol and drugs appear in their lives, they lose their homes, relatives and means of a normal existence. American photographer Horia Manolash conceived an interesting project, which he called “The Prince and the Pauper.” In it, he tried to destroy stereotypes about homeless people. And also remind you of important things that many often forget about. Alcohol and drugs are evil. Family is the most important. But life is an unpredictable thing, and you can never predict how things can suddenly change.

Manolash arranged a short interview with everyone and the main question was: “What did you dream of becoming as a child?” And based on their responses, Horia filmed them next to their "dreams." It turned out quite sad, but the photographer’s project really makes you think.

Henry dreamed of becoming a sailor

Henry is a former drug addict and alcoholic. He now works part-time selling newspapers for an organization that cares for the homeless.

McKias dreamed of becoming a clown

McKias was born into a hippie family, and vagabondage became his personal choice and lifestyle. He has lived in Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Peru. Plans to visit all countries of the world.

Jennifer dreamed of working in the police

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
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Migrated from Ireland with her husband, but somewhere along the way they divorced. Abuses alcohol.

Max dreamed of becoming a miner

Max is a veteran of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. He served in the army for 43 years. After returning home, he began to wander. He now suffers from alcoholism and has difficulty walking due to health problems.

Frank dreamed of becoming a military man

Lives in a homemade trailer with his wife and her dog. Lost everything because of drugs.

Mike dreamed of becoming an archaeologist

Mike had to flee his state after the police caught him smoking weed. Now he has found a job thanks to an organization in San Francisco and is gradually rebuilding his life.

Tammy dreamed of becoming a star

Tammy's grandmother and her husband took her children away from her and forbade her from seeing them.

Honey dreamed of becoming a diving instructor

Hani's husband turned out to be a tyrant, and she was forced to flee home. She slept in her car for a while until the police seized the car. Honey now tries to make a living playing the ukulele.

Pops dreamed of becoming a chef

Fought in Vietnam. Pops was an engineer but started using drugs and lost his job. After 12 years of drug addiction, he underwent treatment at a rehabilitation clinic. Unfortunately, he is now an alcoholic.

Bill dreamed of becoming a successful man

Bill fled a country where he faced imprisonment. Hopes to return back someday.

The Hatter dreamed of becoming a pilot

Hatter worked for a company in California until he was fined $100,000. That's how he ended up on the street.

Michael dreamed of becoming a fisherman

Michael lost his mother, his job and his home in just two days. On his neck he has a tattoo with the name of his son, whom he misses very much.

Shad dreamed of becoming a police officer

Shad's documents and credit card were stolen and he was driven into debt. That's how he became homeless.

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