Turkish photographer creates unusual children's portraits (18 photos)

31 October 2023

Istanbul-based photographer Abdullah Aydemir specializes in portraits of people he typically encounters on the streets of his city. When shooting and processing photographs of children, the man makes sure that all the attention of the audience is focused on the eyes of the models.

Abdullah Aydemir is a fairly famous photographer from Istanbul who loves his work and treats it with special love. The man creates amazing children's portraits, which clearly demonstrate that a real bottomless universe hides in the eyes of very young boys and girls. The photographs fascinate with their message, and also convey the unreal beauty of the little models that Abdullah, as a rule, meets on the streets of his city.

All the best things start with a smile and a sincere look

Eyes of Istanbul

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Happy to pose for the photographer

The main feature of Abdullah’s portraits lies in the specificity of the shooting and artistic processing. The photographer deliberately makes sure that our attention is completely focused on the model’s eyes.

Winter sun

This look is more eloquent than any words

Sunny girl

No matter the color of our eyes, our tears are the same

Abdullah photographs people of all ages. However, photographing children is his strong point. It is also worth saying that it was the work depicting big-eyed children that brought the photographer great fame.


Strength and Courage





Looks straight into the soul and, it seems, even through it

Many people admire Abdullah's work, while others criticize him for his excessive use of artistic photo manipulation. However, it is simply impossible to remain completely indifferent to his works.

A lot of emotions

This is what innocence looks like

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