Walking through an atmospheric abandoned hotel (21 photos)

2 January 2023

Abandoned places always attract us with their mystery and mysteries. I want to explore such places to learn their unique stories. This abandoned hotel, which has literally been “captured” by nature, is one of those places.

In this series of photos, French photographer Romain Veillon visited an abandoned hotel, “captured” by nature. He learned about it during one of his trips to Ireland: “While traveling in Ireland, my attention was drawn to an article in the local press about a former tourist hotel that had been closed for many years. I decided that it was worth a visit on my next trip,” writes photographer.

On his next trip, he managed to sneak into the hotel and arrange a photo walk around it. “I was amazed by what I saw in this hotel. All the rooms were filled with vegetation, ferns, ivy... Nature took over it! The hotel is located on the ocean, and due to the wind and bad weather, the windows were broken. But in the hotel itself, much has been preserved: for example , telephones, tables, books, old paintings, televisions, and even hair dryers."

Как садят рис
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“When you find yourself in such places, you feel like you’re in some kind of post-apocalyptic movie, where humanity is wiped out from the face of the Earth, and everything around you suddenly becomes empty. This place has an incredible atmosphere,” the photographer wrote. Let's look at the hotel through his eyes:


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