Adorable photos of a boy's friendship with cats (20 photos)

16 April 2019
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Iwona Podlasinska discovered the art of photography when she became a mother. Her career as a photographer completely changed her life. She began to notice little things that had previously seemed invisible. For several years now, a resident of Poland has been documenting her youngest son’s friendship with cats. Shootings of this nature are not easy, since neither children nor animals are ready to pose. The secret to these charming images is mom's patience and observation.

“We have a lot of cats. One of them lives in the house, two more live in the barn. We didn’t buy them. They say that the cat chooses its owner. In our case, this is true. Our cats are afraid of children, with the exception of my youngest son. Maybe because of his gentle nature,” said Ivona.

"It's extremely difficult for a photographer to photograph children and cats because neither of them wants to pose. The secret to these photos is patience and observation. I keep my camera ready to capture the most magical moments of this beautiful friendship."

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