In Germany, a museum employee took an unforgivable liberty for the sake of art (2 photos)

28 June 2024
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In Germany, a museum worker secretly placed his painting on the wall of the exhibition hall, which caused a great stir. The 51-year-old technical service worker at the Munich Art Gallery showed an extraordinary passion for art, bringing his own work into the Pinakothek during non-working hours, carefully updating and adding to the exhibition without attracting the attention of museum security.

Museum staff noticed the new canvas on the same day, but they managed to remain calm and the painting was removed only after the exhibition closed, so as not to disturb visitors. The gallery declined to comment on the work and also reported a lack of feedback from museum guests.

The Pinakothek ceased cooperation with the “artist” and banned him from entering its premises, and also sought the help of the local police to investigate the incident.

Now the man can be held accountable for intentional damage to property and causing material damage to the gallery, since he had to drill two holes in the wall of the exhibition hall to place the painting.


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