Solid houses, mystical hazes and crystal mists by Philippe Jacquet (25 photos)

14 June 2024
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Philippe Charles Jacquet is not just a modern landscape painter. He can safely be called a creator, since the French painter was able to master the art of combining the real and the imaginary.

Thanks to this, the compositions, the creation of which the artist was inspired by the coasts and estuaries, turn out sublime and memorable. There is something fundamentally solid and pleasing about the surreal, idealized quality of his work.

Philippe Charles Jacquet

Jacquet was born in Paris in 1957. He received his education as an architect at the Higher National School of Decorative Arts. While building a career as an architect, he decided to devote time to painting.

His geometric, symmetrical landscapes clearly show the influence of architecture. He successfully offsets the strict geometry of architectural compositions with rich colors and an intriguing variety of surfaces - from glass-like water to the rusty flaking hulls of barges.

Jacquet is self-taught and his painting technique undoubtedly sets him apart from other artists. Working with gloss paint, he begins by painting the plywood surface a uniform color. This product allows him to achieve amazingly smooth surfaces. He approaches each area of the composition differently: sometimes textures are created using several transparent layers, while others are formed using a razor blade.

Jacquet takes special care in depicting houses, which often appear in his paintings. He actually builds rather than writes these structures, creating them on paper and then transferring them to the background. They serve as a reminder of human existence in these vast, dream-like landscapes.

Jacquet currently lives and works in Pantin, a suburb north of Paris, where he has a showroom. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout France.

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