Standard fidelity from Brighton Riviera (32 photos)

20 May 2024
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God created the dog so that man would learn what fidelity is.

It is difficult to argue with this statement, since numerous cases of dogs saving owners and strangers are a fact.

Brighton Riviere

The dog's nature was very subtly felt and conveyed by the British animal painter Brighton Riviere (1840-1920). His first works were devoted mainly to religious themes and mythology, but then he almost completely switched to the depiction of animals.

The future painter's first teacher was his father, William Riviere, who taught at the college and then at Oxford University. Brighton subsequently also graduated from Oxford.

The artist studied the behavior of animals, observing them in the zoo. Then he organized his own small menagerie. Unusual models attracted him precisely because of their dynamics. Therefore, Riviere tried to create his works as emotionally as possible in order to resonate with the audience.

The central place in the artist’s work was occupied by dogs, whose boundless and unconditional devotion to humans is worthy of admiration and gratitude.

When looking at Riviera’s paintings, one can say for sure that the main desire of these animals is to serve man. And love him with all my heart, even if people don’t always deserve it.

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