With humor about the complex: people, birds and animals by Rudi Hurtslmeier (38 photos)

2 April 2024
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A picture of a bored woman, idle, blowing tea from the spout of a teapot, has long become a meme. The German illustrator Rudi Hurzlmeier, who has many other equally touching works with meaning and just a good charge of positivity, was able to depict human emotion in such a funny way.

Rudi was born in 1952 in Mallersdorf, Lower Bavaria. Before starting his creative path, he managed to try himself in more than earthly professions, including a cook, a taxi driver, a tiler, a gas station attendant, a salesman, and even a fashion model. Starting in the 80s, Rudy became interested in drawing comics, and at the same time began publishing his articles and working as an illustrator.

Now the artist has a lot of materials for such magazines as Titanic, Eulenspiegel, Bunte, Kowalski, Pardon, Nebelspalter, Penthouse, PM Magazin, Gong, HÖRZU and FAZ.

Hurzlmeier has published more than 30 albums. Participant of many exhibitions. He was awarded the German National Caricature Prize three times (two golds and a bronze).

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Rudi Hurzlmeier

Since the 90s, he switched to painting and, under the pseudonym RuDiHu, creates paintings, watercolors and comics. The artist lives and works in Munich. He is married and has raised two sons.

Most of Rudy's works are full of humor, irony, some even shock and provoke the audience. But the master perfectly senses the line that should not be crossed in order to remain interesting and maintain that topical piquancy that attracts the viewer.

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