The piercing beauty of nature by Roman Bozhkov (35 photos)

21 March 2024
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For the works of this painter, one unifying word is poignancy. Which, along with the play of light, makes his landscapes special.

Roman Bozhkov was born in the city of Shebekino, Belgorod region in 1980. I was fond of drawing since childhood, so after graduating from art school I continued my education at the college, receiving the specialty of a decorative artist.

Roman Bozhkov

But he works outside closed boundaries and closed frames, preferring to write in classical technique, while bringing something of his own into it.

Nowadays, artists choose the comfortable conditions of the studio, but Roman loves to paint from life, in nature. This allows you to convey tones and halftones as accurately as possible, catch the right light, and capture the mood of one day and moment that will never happen again.

In addition to nature, the source of inspiration for Bozhkov is the creative process, since painting, according to the author, for him is life itself.

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