Ali Akbar Beigi: an outstanding master of modern hyperrealism (14 photos + 1 video)

1 February 2024
Category: painting, 0+

Ali Akbar Beigi was born in Tehran in 1982. Art was not an empty phrase for the boy’s family, so the choice of profession became obvious.

Ali adored drawing since childhood. Received specialized education and a bachelor's degree. And the young painter was faced with a choice - traditional Persian painting or the creation of a new direction.

Beigi chose the second and was right. The artist settled on hyperrealism, opened his own gallery, and is teaching young people. My favorite technique is oil painting, which allows me to provide depth of color, volume of image and radiance to a painting of any genre.

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
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Due to the closed nature of the country itself, there is practically no information about the artist’s personal life. All that remains is to admire the masterly embodiment of the images, which are difficult to distinguish from photographs - they look so realistic. And it is the author’s vision, which gives the work a certain subjectivity, that makes Beigi’s paintings in the style of hyperrealism so alive and real.

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