The artist mixes classical paintings and modern life (31 photos)

3 November 2023
Category: painting, 16+

In the modern world and its endless pursuit of trends, we often forget about classical art. But the artist Alexey Kondakov decided to combine both classics and modernity - he moves the characters of famous paintings into everyday settings that are familiar to us. He is known for his project "The History of Art in Contemporary Life". Let's take a look at some of the artist's latest works!

As part of his project "The History of Art in Modern Life", artist Alexey Kondakov takes characters and elements from classical paintings and seamlessly integrates them into modern scenes. The result is a curious juxtaposition of past and present that reflects changes in the world and art. Alexey's works also often include humor and irony. According to the artist, humor is “a means that helps us perceive reality in a funny and light-hearted manner.”

1. "Drusilla", artist John William Godward

2. "Silence", artist Giorgio Kinerk

Как садят рис
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3. Artist Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

4. "A Quiet Greeting" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

5. "Desdemona", Alexandre Cabanel

6. "Daphnis and Chloe", Francois Gerard

7. "Angel" by Abbott Henderson Thayer

8. Lady Hamilton, George Romney

9. Medea, Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

10. "The Proposal" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

11. "On the Terrace", Edward John Poynter

12. Faticide, Frederic Leighton

13. "Contemplation", George Lawrence Bulleid

14. "Canaries", Albert Joseph Moore

15. "Daphnis and Chloe", Jules Elie Delaunay

16. "Cupid's Quadriga", Jacques Clément Wagré

17. "Daphnis and Chloe", Domenic Louis Féréol Papétit

18. "The Lovely Burden", William Bouguereau

19. "At the Fountain", Guillaume Seignac

20. "Mary Magdalene", Frederick Shields

21. "Voluptuousness", Franz von Lenbach

22. "The Broken Jug", William Bouguereau

23. "Lilies", Gottlieb Theodor von Kempf-Hartenkampf

24. "Electra at the Tomb of Agamemnon", Frederic Leighton

25. "Waiting" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

26. "The Hop Picker", Charles Edward Perugini

27. Artist - Leon Comer

28. "Clio - the Muse of History", Charles Meinier

29. "Vintage Festival", Lawrence Alma-Tadema

30. "Blooming", Albert Joseph Moore

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