30 amazing black and white photos from the Monochrome Photography competition (31 photos)

11 May 2024
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There is something special about black and white photographs - they convey a unique atmosphere and evoke different feelings. The international photo competition Monochrome Photography Awards recently revealed the best images for 2023. Thousands of photographers from all over the world took part in the competition with images in different categories: abstraction, architecture, fashion, nature, landscapes, fine art, nature, portrait, street, and others. Let's take a look at the most amazing black and white footage!

1. “The Language of Love”, photographer - Fenqiang Liu, USA

In the photo, a majestic heron has flown into her nest. The photo was taken on a spring morning in Central Florida.

2. “Transportation of cubs”, photographer - Baiju Patil, India

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Photo taken in Daruji National Park, Karnataka, India.

3. “Snowfall”, photographer - Beata Zawrzel, Poland

4. “Fun with bubbles”, photographer - Tebani Slade, Spain

5. “Underwater Kingdom”, photographer - Simon Biddie, UK

Pictured are sea lions in Espiritu Santo National Park, Mexico. There, the California sea lion has been protected under Mexican law since 1994.

6. "Monolith", photographer - Lukasz Spychala, Poland

The central theme of this category is the human body. “A person appears to us to be stable, a single whole, solid, like a rock, like a monolith. But we forget that, like stones, we are often shaped by erosion. Even bad experiences become part of us, and make us stronger,” the photographer wrote under the photo.

7. “The Whale”, photographer - Andre Estevez, USA

Incredible humpback whale filmed in Monterey Bay, California.

8. “Future Past”, photographer - Mario Tarantino, Spain

Photo taken at the Taal Monument in Paarl, South Africa. This kind of brutalist architecture is typical of the 70s. The monument commemorates Afrikaans being declared the official language of South Africa, separate from Dutch.

9. Lions in Tanzania. Photographer - James Lewin, Kenya

10. “Mud Wrestling”, photographer - Nguyen Dang Giang, Vietnam

11. “We are all part of nature,” photographer Marketa Novak Leupoldova, Czech Republic

12. “Girl in foil”, photographer - Xiayu Li, USA

13. "Rapa das Bestas", photographer - Hans-Maximo Musielik

Rapa das Bestas is a traditional festival in Galicia, Spain, during which locals trim the manes of wild horses.

14. "Nabateans", photographer - Nigel Malone, Australia

The photo was taken in the deserts of Arabia, where the Nabateans, a semi-nomadic Semitic people, once lived.

15. "Leader", photographer - Xavier Ortega, Spain

16. “Oyster mushroom”, photographer - Dale M Reid, Canada

17. “Acid attack survivor (Portrait at the Taj Mahal)”, photographer - Erico Hiller, Brazil

Acid throwing is one of the most terrible and barbaric methods of revenge. It is used because of jealousy, greed and anger, most often against women. In India, up to several thousand acid attacks are still reported annually.

18. "Fujiyama", photographer - Kantapat Phutthamkul

19. Photographer - Chelsea Marrin, USA

20. “Winter Story”, photographer - Bin Zhang, China

The photo was taken in the Inner Mongolia region, China.

21. “Yin”, photographer - Bella Von Einsiedel, Germany

22. “Rider at the Volcanoes”, photographer - Mahendra Bakle, India

The Tengeres people, known in Indonesia as the "Bromo Riders", explore the stunning landscapes surrounding the Bromo volcano.

23. “A Horror Movie Story”, photographer - Hardi Budi, Indonesia

24. Photographer - Giandomenico Veneziani, Italy

25. “Poetry of Silence”, photographer - Roland Blum, Liechtenstein

The photo was taken from a helicopter in the Namib Desert, Africa, from an altitude of about 1500 meters above the ground.

26. Photo by fashion photo company Collective Foto Marvellini, Italy

27. “World”, photographer - Malgorzata Fober, Poland

28. “Chinese Girl”, photographer - Xiayu(Renee) Li, USA

29. “Game”, photographer - Natalya Gorshkova

The main idea of the photographer is to show healthy people and people with injuries that our body is just an outer shell. It has no effect on who we really are. It should not affect the quality of life and impose restrictions on our lifestyle.

30. “White Lava”, photographer - Hilda Champion, USA

The photo shows a flower immersed in water and milk.


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