Results of Budapest International Foto Awards 2023 (21 photos)

4 March 2024
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The organizers of the international photo competition Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) named the best works of this year. The winning photographs in the Nature category transport us to enchanting realms, vividly demonstrating the beauty, diversity and true power of the world around us. Join our congratulations and enjoy a collection of the most stunning nature photographs!

1. “Whisper of Dawn: The graceful silhouette of a hoopoe at sunrise”, Hermis Valiyandiil

"The hoopoe, spreading its wings, flew across the sky, illuminated by the bright hues of the sunrise. I saw how this bird from time to time grabbed prey in the air, and sometimes on the ground. Moreover, every time it caught prey, it flew in one and in the same direction to the nearest tree. That's when I got the idea to photograph the bird against the background of light and dark sides, to represent the dark and light sides of existence."

2. "An Angry Leopard" by Carol Lyon

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

The female leopard looks angry. However, this is the look of a female in heat without a male nearby.

3. "Flamingo Paradise" by Jacob Griese

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The dry salt lake is covered with a thin layer of water during the rainy season, making it the largest natural mirror on Earth.

4. "Underwater Kaleidoscope", Irina Voznyak

A bright, mysterious and impressive kingdom of jellyfish.

5. “In the Garden”, Alexandra Mikhailutsa

A fabulous atmosphere of flowering trees and birdsong.

6. “The Road Home”, Janis Miglavs

"I aimed my Nikon at the sunflowers. I needed close-ups to show all those hairs on the flower. To get that kind of detail from just a few centimeters away required a lot of exposures. Just then, the ant, oblivious to the photographer, walked in per frame. I think this shot combines 23 exposures."

7. "The Whale's Eye" by Wen Hua Chen

"I'm a photographer, Zola Chen, who specializes in marine ecosystems. I learned to scuba dive and freedive in 2010. Since then, I've been diving underwater with my camera to capture amazing ecosystems, as well as the diverse cultures and customs on land."

8. “Green is the color of hope”, Anna Geyer

"In the photo you see a rescued Podenco named Robert. Little is known about the dog's past, but he probably didn't have the best experience with people. At first it was difficult for him to trust his new owner. Now he is no longer so suspicious of strangers and I behaved confidently during the photo shoot."

9. "Supercell", Bob Newman

"April to July is storm season in the Great Plains. Tornadoes and rainstorms are common. This image was taken in West Texas in June 2023."

10. "Aurora Bubbles" by William Prait

Frozen air bubbles off the coast of the Lofoten Islands.

11. "Fire Lily", William Prait

Blooming of rare fire lilies in the Dolomites.

12. "Discovery", Gabriel Jakab

High Tatras after morning rain.

13. “Nallihan”, Serkan Dogus

Natural monument Kiz Tepesi in the Nallihan region, Türkiye. The colorful hills, formed 10 million years ago, amaze guests with a riot of colors.

14. Fata Morgana, Judith Kuhn

At sunset, the dunes around the desert resort of Qasr al-Sarab become a haven for romantics who want to enjoy the spectacle.

15. "Flowers of the Future", Jovita Ambrazaityte

A composition created from flower petals, multiple exposures and mirror reflections.

16. “And Then There Were None,” Giorgio Scala

African elephants are under threat due to poaching and conflicts with humans. Can we really lose such a majestic animal?

17. "Wrath of the Gods", Giovanna Fleming

"The picture was taken from Mont Blanc overlooking the village of Courmayeur. It seemed to me as if I was seeing Mount Olympus, and there Hephaestus was forging a sword."

18. "Maple Leaf Mount Fuji" by Estrella Chuan

Romantic autumn and Mount Fuji.

19. "Happy Meeting", Manami Kuriyama

"The group of dolphins slowly turned around and headed towards me. I don't know why they changed direction, but I was very happy to meet them."

20. “Vanishing Herbarium”, Julia Gonzalez Libana

"The HERBARIUM EVANESCENTE series consists of 30 photographs of plants and vegetables. I intend to show a personal perception of nature. This decontextualization shows the almost sculptural beauty of shapes, textures, and decay, reminding us of the passage of time and death."

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