20 Winners of AAP Magazine #36: Street Photography Contest (21 Photos)

29 February 2024
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The 36th AAP Magazine Photography Awards took place. Here are the names of 20 talented photographers from around the world who won the AAP Magazine #36: Street competition. They know how to see and capture the atmosphere of city life, capturing “that very” moment.

“I believe that street photography is about capturing a moment in time that may never be repeated, but it also tells a story that is timeless. It is a dance between light and shadow, chaos and order, as the streets become the stage for human experience. Each frame contains a story waiting to be told, a piece of life frozen in the eternal movement of the city’s ballet,” said famed photographer Steve McCurry.

1. "Her Morning Paper" by Carl Young

2. “Tales of the City” from the “Alley” series, Gavin Libott

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. “Waiting for Life to Happen” by Tommy Viitala

4. “The Kiss” from the series “Street Photography of Los Angeles”, Julia Dean

5. “Balnear Station”, Benoit Segalena

6. “Day of the Dead” from the Katrina series, Matthew Stiffens

7. “Red Umbrella” from the “Invisible Grace” series, Marina Nota

8. “The Mysterious Man from the Chapel of Santa Catarina” from the series “Patitas Machucadas Tour”, Federico Borobio

9. Lost in Thought, Joaquin Pastor Gensor

10. “In the World of Dreams” from the “Color of Emotions” series, Anna Biret

11. “Girls on the Tennent Street Sidewalk” from the Belfast Youth series, Toby Binder

12. “Hand” from the series “Shadow Life”, Luca Regoli

13. “The Colorful Path”, Gerhard Wagner

14. “Long Shadows of Inequality” from the series “Surrealism”, Tony Le

15. “Girls with character” from the series “Street scenes from my travels”, Ivan Ferrer

16. “Sunbathing Among Heavy Equipment” from the series “Moments of Synchronicity”, Prescott Lassman

17. “Traces” from the series “Lonely River”, Holger Gehler

18. “Moments are gifts”, Gianluca Mortarotti

19. “Gwanghwamun Ceremony” from the series “In the Palace”, Jaejun Ha

20. “Marilyn” from the series “Street Photographs in New York”, Paul Kessel

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