20 amazing nature photos that won the International Photography Awards competition (21 photos)

3 February 2024
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There is so much beauty on our planet! The annual photo competition International Photography Awards presented photographs of nature, animals and phenomena from around the world. These photographs seem to transport you into the enchanting realms of the natural world, showing beauty, diversity and its raw power. Tens of thousands of works took part in the competition, and in the end the jury selected the twenty best. Let's take a look at these amazing shots.

1. "The Perfect Cloud". The picture shows the Villarrica volcano in Chile. Photographer - Francisco Negroni

2. "33 days with bears", photographer - Martin Gregus

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

The photographer spent a month exploring areas of Hudson Bay and photographing polar bears using a drone.

3. "First Glimmer of Light" by Aaron Lynton

4. Bull in the fields of Scotland. Photographer - Wesley Kristopher

5. "Dentist". In the photo, the shrimp is “inspecting” the mouth of the cod. Photographer - Takayuki Toriumi

6. “The Hidden World”, photographer - Alexey Sachov

7. "Cutie in Pink." The photo shows a dragonfly in a macro lens. Photographer - Benjamin Salb

8. "Trees on the water", photographer - Jinyi Han

9. "Annual Feast" by Rayhan Mundra

Every year in Alaska, hundreds of thousands of salmon head upstream to spawn. This annual migration is a feast for brown bears.

10. "Tree of Life". Photo taken in Gorbeya Park in the Basque Country, Spain. Photographer - Rafael Garcia Luna

11. "Veins of the Earth", photographer - Robert Bilos

Iceland's rivers run from glaciers to the oceans through volcanic land and look like veins when viewed from the air. They transport nutrients and sediments, which give rise to such an unusual “alien” color.

12. "Ice Fantasy" on a winter lake. Photographer - Maciej Noskowski

13. "Flower Portraits", photographer - Tim Platt

14. "Brave fishermen in a troubled sea." Photo taken in Salvador, Brazil. Photographer - Hernani Castro

15. “The Dark Prince”, photographer - Danica Barreau

16. “Torn Land”, photographer - Liu Junye

As a result of industrial pollution, mining waste ends up on the ground, causing these patterns.

17. Spider Menemerus bivittatus, photographer - Eduardo Modolo

18. “Consequences of the environmental disaster at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station”, photographer - Olga Volyanskaya

19. "Flower from Another World", or Zantedeschia. Photographer - Herbert Pregel

20. Khara Desert in Iran. Photographer - Babak Mehrafshar

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