25 breathtaking wildlife photos (26 photos)

9 November 2023
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Photographs of wildlife give us an idea of how beautiful it is. They allow us to admire magnificent animals and stunning landscapes, even if we do not have the opportunity to see it all in person. Members of the NatureIsFuckingLit subreddit have put together an excellent collection of such images!

1. This photo won the Ocen Photography Awards 2020

Photographer Tobias Baumgaertner captured two widowed penguins who came to look at the Melbourne skyline to comfort each other.

2. Cougar cub admiring its mother

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. A brown bear and a wolf hunt together and share their prey. Photos by Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen

4. Sea sheep are one of the few animals that use algae for photosynthesis.

5. Australian robin with hot pink breast

6. A family of elephants resting

7. Turtle Dove

8. Swimming jaguars

9. Beekeepers in northeastern France were baffled when bees from their hives began producing honey in shades of blue and green.

It was later discovered that bees had taken to flying into the local M&M's factory.

10. Canadian snow lynx, protected under the Endangered Species Act

11. Where there is love, there is hope

12. This rare zebra foal was born with spots instead of stripes.

13. Isle of Skye, Scotland

14. Cute but deadly snow leopard

15. Total Eclipse in Oregon, Jasman Lion Mander

16. Stunning photo of an owl

17. Agate that looks like the ocean

18. Ermine in Switzerland

19. Hawaiian sea wrasse. Its neon color is completely natural

20. Image in 365 fragments. Each piece is one day of the year

21. Trimeresurus insularis, a poisonous viper native to Indonesia

22. Northern Lights

23. Japanese macaque has fun after stealing someone's phone

24. Hide and seek

25. Ornamented spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus). Also known as tropical rock lobster (lobster)

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