19 funny comics that anyone who has a cat at home will perfectly understand (21 photos)

22 April 2024
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No wonder they say - life isn’t the same without a cat! These pets can make a person’s life brighter, bringing their special charm and a little fur into everyday life. It is probably for this reason that they are perhaps the most common pets in the whole world.

The cat artist under the pseudonym Lingvistov is not only the owner of a four-legged friend, but also communicates a lot with other cat lovers through social networks. In her comics, she displays the most striking features of these animals, noting their funny character traits. Perhaps you will recognize yourself and your cat in these sketches.

No, don't you dare!

The artist Landysh Akhmetzyanova is hiding under the nickname Lingvistov. The main theme of her illustrations is the everyday life of cat owners and the situations that happen to them every day.

Do you want to work? If you want!

Как садят рис
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Let's scratch here, here and here! Enough!

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So we've settled

Lily of the valley Akhmetzyanova lives in Naberezhnye Chelny. It’s curious, but the girl is not an artist by education. She is a linguist who decided to portray her love for cats through her passion for drawing.

When I turned on the music loudly and accidentally scared the cats

It's so hard to hold on

Cats on social networks and my cat

I just want to wash your paws!

When you come home late

If you don't clean the chair from wool in a timely manner, it turns into a mountain of fluff.

What it looks like and how I feel

Everyone did that, right?

A sound that can summon any cat

Five minutes after cleaning

The pain of cat owners with long hair

Amazing find

Back in 2014, Lily of the Valley, together with a classmate, decided to open a small business of their own - online language courses. This is how the Lingvistov school was born, which later turned into a kind of club where cat lovers could have a good laugh at witty illustrations.

How other cats and my cat use a scratching post

Cats can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time


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