A funny and life-like comic that all cat owners will understand (12 photos)

9 April 2024
Category: comics, 0+

Life is not the same without a cat! Yes, sometimes it’s not easy with them. They love to play pranks and play dirty tricks on us. They don't let you sleep and they scream at five in the morning. But we instantly forgive them everything, as soon as the cat purrs. An artist under the nickname Lingvistov drew a funny and very life-like comic that will be especially understood by proud, happy cat owners.


Any unnecessary thing may be very much to someone's taste.

Help me out

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Not an easy learning process

Crime and Punishment

Paul is good, I approve

Time zone mismatch

Claw in the back!

No, you can't do that

Sketch: brand new dress

You've been sniffed

Mountain with sound

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