Landscapes by Alois Arnegger (1879–1963) (100 works)

21 January 2013
15 805

Alois Arnegger (1879–1963) - Austrian landscape painter, master of the everyday genre.
He was born in Vienna and studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts there at the Vienna Academy of Arts, since 1916 - a member of the Vienna Academy. Made an educational trip to Austria and the Swiss Alps. Early in his career, Arnegger focused primarily on depicting Austrian scenes. He became famous as a landscape painter. In the 1920s, Arnegger visited Italy and was fascinated by its coastal views. Since then he has painted bright and colorful views of Capri, Lake Como and Naples. However, Arnegger later returned to Austria, where he returned to painting alpine landscapes.
The artist died in Vienna in 1963.


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