Pencil drawings by Paul Lung (117 works)

15 October 2012
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Paul Lung
Paul Lung, an artist from Hong Kong, began drawing in 2004 after studying many literature and forums on the Internet dedicated to realistic pencil drawing. His main muses are 4 cats living in his house; he photographs them and then makes drawings from these photos.

The love for these fluffy and playful animals is displayed and comes to life on a sheet of paper when the author, picking up a pencil, carefully draws the cute faces of the cats. Yes, yes, it is with a simple pencil that the artist creates his works of art. It’s actually hard to believe, the drawn cats seem so alive.

The author’s works depict cats so realistically that by looking at the illustrations, one can even judge the character and mood of each animal.

In his works, which can rightfully be called masterpieces, Paul Lung tried to convey all the beauty and grace of cats. They amaze viewers with their realism and excellent technique, leaving no one indifferent.

Each drawing takes 40-60 hours. Although his work is frequently exhibited in galleries around the world, he does not sell it. These are pencil drawings. He uses a 0.5 mm pencil and A2 paper. He doesn't use an eraser, and he spends 60 hours on one drawing...

Animals in graphics are not bright and therefore cannot attract attention. Many people may have this thought. But don't rush to conclusions. It turns out that a pencil drawing, if it belongs to the hand of a virtuoso master, can give odds not only to works made in other techniques, but even to photographs!

And even if someone still didn’t like cats, looking through the drawings, he probably developed a sympathy for incredibly attractive pets.

But besides cats, he is interested in many other things. Bears, lions, cats and other “models” of the artist look as if this is not a drawing, but a black and white photograph. And the images of some animals and birds, with the help of Lung’s unique graphics, are brought to such perfection that there is a feeling of real presence. And this is what makes us return to his works again and again.

You look at these drawings and in some places you simply don’t believe that it was drawn. It's like some kind of photoshopped photo. Although in fact these are real drawings and the author of these masterpieces is the artist Paul Lung!


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