Delicious art: 30 creative examples of baking (31 photos)

19 May 2024

Baking is a true art. Some masters and even simple amateurs create true masterpieces in their kitchens: they can be the simplest or the most intricate with a complex design. There's a whole community on Reddit where users share unique, creative, and delicious baked goods. Let's take a look at the most interesting ones!

1. Cupcakes in the shape of bulls

2. “My clients ordered a cake in the shape of a sloth. I thought it would be terrible, but it turned out to be a cute sloth.”

Как садят рис
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3. "For the first time in a long time I was able to bake something in the kitchen. It was amazing banana bread with chocolate chips."

4. Space Whale Cake

5. Cupcakes in the shape of flowers

6. Cake based on "Little Red Riding Hood"

7. Cake comic

8. Edible stump

9. And this is a gingerbread house

10. White Chocolate Blackberry Tart

11. Basket of flowers

12. “My cake is for a friend who does landscaping.”

13. Pies in the shape of fruits

14. French lemon tart

15. Cupcake with flowers. Like real ones!

16. Cake with meringue mushrooms

17. Pancake cake with strawberries

18. Chocolate Skull Cake

19. "Scientific" cookies

20. Berry birthday cake

21. Cozy Apple Pie

22. Cartoon cake

23. Apple Pie for Halloween

24. What a beauty!

25. “I made a cake for my daughter’s birthday.”

26. Evil bunnies

27. Bear bodybuilders

28. Beautiful tart with cranberries and white chocolate

29. So simple and so tasty

30. Cake with wafer food paper


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