10 photos of what a bright future should have been like according to an artist from the 1960s (11 photos)

7 May 2024

Panoramic windows, minimalism, glass ceilings and other interior ideas, the appearance of which was predicted back in 1960.

In the 60s of the last century, Motorola asked Charles Shridd, a famous American artist of that time, to dream up and imagine what the bright future awaiting humanity would be like in a hundred years. The artist created a whole series of illustrations on this topic and came up with some really interesting ideas that were brought to life quite recently. We present to your attention 10 of the most interesting illustrations from this series.

Futuristic house

Literally a few decades after the creation of this illustration, similar houses began to be built.


The artist managed to guess that in the future minimalism will become fashionable and most homes will be equipped based on this trend.

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Panoramic windows

Panoramic windows are still an indispensable interior detail of any expensive apartments and offices of prestigious companies.

Buildings without walls

This illustration shows a kind of multi-story house that has no walls. This is probably how the artist imagined the veranda of the hotel on the seashore.

Unity with nature

Despite the futuristic building designs created by Shridd, the artist believed that people of the future would live in harmony with nature.

Home gym

Many people who lead a healthy lifestyle dream of such a gym. It has a seating area, a place for TV, and a place for exercise.

All glass room

This room looks somewhat empty, but Shridd thought that the people of the future would not need furniture as much as his contemporaries.

Love for dancing

In most illustrations of people, you can see them dancing. This is probably how Shridd saw the leisure of people of the future.


The artist wanted to believe that people would continue to read, despite technical progress and technology development.

Strange symbols

What do you think the symbols shown on the wall by Shridd mean? Perhaps he believed that a new language would appear in the future?


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