In London, a STOP sign with a Banksy drawing was stolen an hour after it appeared (4 photos + 2 videos)

5 April 2024

Mysterious street artist Banksy's new work was stolen an hour after it was posted. The artist published his work on social media - a STOP sign with 3 military drones - and indicated an address in London.

A STOP sign from a street in London was stolen an hour later, as Banksy confirmed the authorship of this work on social networks.

After publication, people first gathered at the sign to admire the work. Later, two black men arrived, one of whom, unbothered by cameras and witnesses, balanced on a bicycle, knocked down the sign of an expensive art object with a bolt cutter and ran away. Banksy did not comment on the situation.

The sign depicted three drones similar to the American MQ-1C Gray Eagle reconnaissance and attack UAVs (version of the MQ-1 Predator).

The sign was placed next to the sign - Commercial way.

The British are wondering on social networks what Banksy wanted to say: London, STOP sign, drones on it, Commercial way sign.

However, the answer is obvious: the message means that Great Britain is profiting from the war. And military supplies are not help, but targeted incitement and murder. Business, nothing personal.

British media are also deciphering Banksy's message as a call to stop the massacre in the Gaza Strip.

Как садят рис
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Soon, Scotland Yard reported that the man who stole the road sign with Banksy's new graffiti was detained and taken into custody.

The kidnapper who unscrewed and tore the sign from the pole, with which he escaped, had an accomplice who helped him stay on the pole. It is not yet known which of the two has been detained and where the stolen sign is now located.

Banksy is an English artist who specializes in street art. A circulation drawing by him costs 30–50 thousand dollars, and a large work costs several million.

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