Cuteness of the day: a girl makes Christmas decorations with cats (30 photos)

3 April 2024

If you haven't gotten into the New Year's mood yet, these cats are already coming to you. A craftswoman from England named Rachel Austin creates the cutest Christmas tree decorations with cats. These are not just cat figurines—entire stories are embedded in the toys. The girl makes them using wool felting.

Artist Rachel Austin lives in the English county of Gloucestershire, and makes figures using the method of dry felting wool. She dedicated a new batch of Christmas tree decorations with cats to her deceased pet:

"I created these ornaments inspired by my late cat Cindy, who was very naughty. I used a variety of materials to create the tiny accessories, including polymer clay, wood, wire, fabric and wool. I hope they make you smile." writes the artist.

Take a look at the artist's sweetest works:

Как садят рис
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"Catnip Foundation"


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