Brigitte Kukenberg-Wagner is a master of mesmerizing photo manipulation (45 photos)

19 February 2024

With the ability to take photos with one click from everyone, masters of photography have to try hard to surprise viewers. This woman easily manages to evoke a variety of emotions, from surprise to delight.

Brigitte (Brigitte) Kukenberg-Wagner was born in 1948 in Solingen, Germany, where she lives to this day.

Brigitte Kukenberg-Wagner

After studying painting and graphics in Cologne, she worked for several years as a graphic artist in the city administration of Solingen, and then became a free artist.

During this time she held several exhibitions. Brigitte was a long-time member of the Solingen Artists' Association. Drawing and mixed media became favorite areas.

At the same time, Bridget took a lot of photographs, mainly in order to figure out the lighting and color rendering for her paintings.

But everything changed in the mid-90s with the advent of Adobe Photoshop, and with it digital art. It completely fascinated Kukenberg-Wagner, opening up incredible possibilities for experimentation.

With the development of technology, the master moved from “analogue” painting and graphics to photomontage.

Her paintings consist of photographed, painted and drawn parts. New picture worlds, dream worlds, located somewhere between reality and surrealism, are created from fragments of reality. In her work, Bridget uses only photographs from her own archive.

Numerous awards at national and international competitions and positive reviews on the Internet confirm that this was the right decision.

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