Sometimes just a couple of lines are enough for a masterpiece (20 photos)

18 November 2023

An artist from Brazil, Eloise, has been redrawing cats from photos that have gone viral for a long time. However, she does this in a special minimalist-absurd way. In Eloise's works, meme cats gain even more charm, and all it takes is a few drawn lines

. The artist has many imitators who, like her, redraw cats in the most minimalist style. The girl also releases merch with her drawings, which is popular with her subscribers.

Leaves effectively

Ballet time

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
Смотреть видео


Ray of light



A long tail

This is Batuta, and he has one of the longest tails I've ever seen.

Sometimes we all feel like this cat

For example, a couple of hours before the deadline...

Remember Stepan?


Meaningful look

When you didn't get enough sleep

Now I’ll drink coffee and everything will be fine... Or not.


Just look at this little face. The artist conveyed all the sadness of the moment.

When the cake became a surprise

Your cat has melted

For good luck



A great picture to send to your significant other with the caption “We”.


Usually the artist draws caricatures on photographs, but here it turned out to be a redrawing of another drawing.

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