14 paintings painted by famous people (15 photos)

4 November 2023

Some celebrities manage to hide unexpected talents beyond those that made them famous. Here are pictures of personalities that are well known to each of us.

Many actors, musicians and other famous people are good not only in their field, but also in painting. For some personalities in the world of show business, it is a way of self-expression, inspiration and experiment, while others look for peace and an opportunity to retire with their own thoughts.

Anthony Hopkins

The actor started painting thanks to his wife, who was sorting through old things in the attic and discovered his old drawings. She insisted that he should not give up his talent. It wasn't until he was 79 that Anthony realized that fine art was a part of his life.

Pierce Brosnan

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The actor devotes a lot of time to painting and successfully sells his works via the Internet.

Sylvester Stallone

Previously, Stallone, being unknown, sold his paintings to pay for a bus ticket. Today his works cost incredible amounts of money.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The actress loves not only to draw, but also to make various things with her own hands.

Johnny Depp

The actor has been painting for quite some time. His favorite styles are pop art and street art. Among Depp's paintings, self-portraits are most often found, as well as portraits of loved ones, friends and famous personalities.

Mike Shinoda

The musician draws conventional and digital paintings.

Jim carrey

Jim Carrey loves to create bright and large-scale canvases. His favorite material to work with is acrylic.

Marilyn Manson

The outrageous shock rocker is a big fan of watercolors. Exhibitions of his works are regularly held in many countries around the world.

Macaulay Culkin

After Culkin gave up bad habits, he took up drawing seriously. He even has his own art gallery in New York.

Charles III

The King is an excellent watercolorist. He donates the funds received from the sale of his paintings to charity.

Paul McCartney

The musician loved to draw since childhood. But he was able to take up his hobby seriously only after 40 years. McCartney's works are quite popular in artistic circles, and all thanks to his unusual execution technique.

James Franco

James Franco can be called a super talented person, because he not only acts in films, but also writes poetry, directs, writes and paints. His paintings can be found in many prestigious galleries.

Tim Burton

Burton is one of those whose profession is directly related to drawing. Most often, his drawings are sketches of various characters who will come to life on the big screens in the future. However, Tim’s collection also includes full-fledged paintings done in oils and other types of paints.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is a connoisseur of abstract art. His works are complex canvases, which, as a rule, combine several techniques and use a non-standard color palette.

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