19 cases when people had such strange dreams that they decided to display them in their drawings (20 photos)

27 October 2023

Dreams are an exciting and mysterious world that awaits us every night when we close our eyes. They can be very diverse: full of adventure and fantasy, as well as terribly realistic situations and reflections of our everyday life. They can be bright, funny and sometimes even strange.

When we wake up, dreams usually disappear into thin air, leaving behind only vague memories. However, there are some dreams that we remember most clearly, especially if they were full of strange images that have some meaning for us.

Dreams can reflect our emotions, aspirations, worries, desires and dangers. Many people attach great importance to them, so they often analyze their visions even many months later. Some even try to sketch their dreams, thus conducting a kind of analysis of what they saw. Some people are happy to post the resulting illustrations on social networks to hear the opinions of other users and find out if anyone else has dreamed of something similar.

I painted a curious scene from my dream

I dreamed of some strange office that was located right in the sky

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

This is what I saw during sleep paralysis

Illustration of a terrible nightmare I had two years ago

I dreamed about this for 4 months straight

There are monsters inside of us all

This dream happens at least once a year and I always wake up crying

This picture exudes peace and tranquility

I had a dream in which I watched the ancient Egyptians create pyramids in seemingly endless darkness. Everything was calm and good. No one spoke, but everyone understood each other, as if they were one.

In a dream I swam to the bottom of the lake and saw this

I have very vivid dreams

This time I was woken up by this beautiful couple that I simply had to sketch!

I often dream about this creature

It feels like it's trying to warn me about something.

What do you know about nightmares?

Last year I painted this painting in which I accurately tried to depict a vivid dream I had

I drew a man in a hat from my dreams. Has anyone else ever seen it?

A drop of phantasmagoria

The creatures I saw in my dreams. They scared me a lot

The full plot is already depicted here

I had a dream in which I sat and nonchalantly looked out of my living room window while my house was flooded and some creature was squirming around, not trying to help me at all.

I've always had wild dreams. This time I dreamed of a rooster in cowboy boots

I saw this creature in a dream

How often do you have strange and unusual dreams?

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