Do you think this is a photograph? Take a closer look!

10 January 2018
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Many people can't believe that my very realistic animals are created using just scratches on a board of ink, but that's exactly how each of my pieces are drawn.

I've been creating board animals for almost 20 years and still find it exciting when they come to life! Their personality and expression comes through in their scratches.

So although it may be hard to believe, all hairs, dots and dimples are hand scratched - my artwork is not a photograph! Large jobs can take months, and even smaller ones require many hours.




Как садят рис
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  1. Мужчина с длинными волосами
    Мужчина с длинными волосами
    29 March 2019 22:45
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    Класс! Как интересно... Есть такие "раскраски в рамках.. Их нужно процарапывать... Но там оно дано...