Chinese artist Wang Yi Guang (16 works)

30 August 2013
13 575

Разрешение картинок от 700x445px до 2799x2612px

977 x 1571

Wang Yi Guang studied at the Central Academy of Arts in Beijing and graduated in 1990. Since his youth, Wang has participated in various national and international exhibitions. Since 2002, the artist has been paying considerable attention to the theme of Tibet and the peculiarities of life of the local population; he stays for a long time in the mountains, working hard and studying the color of life and the views of people surrounded by majestic nature, far from big cities and civilization.

Laughing happy girls running across the plains of Tibet against the backdrop of mountains, flying pets are nothing more than the author’s thoughts on the theme of the flying spirit Feitain, a mystical character in Chinese folklore. In 2004, the author's first personal exhibition took place: Retrospective of Tibet - The Spirit and Movement, Schoeni Art Gallery of Hong Kong.

1608 x 1365

1236 x 1140

1546 x 1421

961 x 879

2799 x 2612

700 x 760

700 x 445

700 x 647

1211 x 1107

700 x 635

1069 x 905

1425 x 1534

700 x 597

1897 x 1745


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