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6 June 2013
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The name of Stanislav Zhukovsky (1873 - 1944) is inextricably linked with the history of Russian landscape painting of the beginning of the last century. One can even talk about a special type of landscape he created. His works are widely represented in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and other museums in our country. Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky was born in the village of Edrichovichi (now Grodno region). From 1892 to 1901 he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, but already at this time Zhukovsky began to actively participate in exhibitions with his works. An example of his early works is the landscape “Spring Water” (1898, Russian Russian Museum), which attracts with its sincerity and spontaneity of feeling nature.

With the arrival of Levitan at the School as the head of the landscape workshop, Zhukovsky becomes a convinced “Levitanist”; he strives to find in nature motives and states that are close to his feelings. During these years, he alternately exhibited his works either at exhibitions of the Itinerants or at exhibitions of the Moscow Association of Artists.

Gradually, Zhukovsky finds painters who are close to his views on art: L. Turzhansky, P. Petrovichev, S. Vinogradov (over time, all of them joined the “Union of Russian Artists”). The work of painters of this style was often defined in those years by the term “Russian impressionism.” Indeed, both Zhukovsky and other “allies” passionately loved French painting, knew and often used the technique of painting in the open air (in the open air). But it is much more correct to judge them as continuers of the tradition of the Moscow school of landscape of the century before last. They are as lyrical as their predecessors.

Zhukovsky loved to write landscape sketches, he wrote them quickly, freely, they were often bright in color and decorative. The motives of his painting are extremely simple. This is a corner of the interior with old furniture, a window open to the garden, a corner of the garden, an estate, neglected but attractive. He was called the singer of the landowner's estate. Having grown up in such an atmosphere, Zhukovsky himself loved and poeticized the estate way of life, which was heading toward decline. There is a lot of light and sun in his landscapes. He loved to paint sunsets and sunrises. In their internal structure, these works are very intimate and lyrical. Often, a loving depiction of interior fragments is organically combined with a landscape motif (“Joyful May,” 1912). Among Zhukovsky's most famous landscapes is the modest lyrical painting "Dam" (1909). In general, the artist’s interiors and landscapes represent a single lyrical suite.

Zhukovsky's works quickly gained popularity. In every cultural home in the 1910s it was considered good form to have his work. The master, seduced by commercial success, quietly began to repeat himself, and superficiality and monotony of techniques appeared. The lyrical feeling was replaced by the external ease of writing.

The portraits of Zhukovsky are less known now, but among them there are works that are significant and unexpected in their design. Let's say, a portrait of E. P. Chulovskaya (1910s, Art Museum in Minsk).

Zhukovsky did not understand and did not accept the Great October Revolution. A Pole by origin, he moved to the homeland of his ancestors, where he continued to paint his landscapes and occasionally made portraits, but they were not particularly successful. Against the backdrop of active modernist movements in Polish fine art between the two wars, Zhukovsky’s works were perceived as something old-fashioned, although they had their admirers. The artist devoted a lot of effort to the private painting school he opened in Warsaw, where there were many students.

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