Forbidden art. Revolution through the eyes of an eyewitness artist (21 photos)

25 March 2017
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They were drawn by an eyewitness, and they contain more information than any photographs. Because everything here is as it was seen by a living person who was present during the agony of an entire country. This is a terrible chronicle of bloody years.

The artist Ivan Vladimirov was an Honored Artist of the RSFSR, he painted paintings on revolutionary themes, about the barricades in Spain and the entry of Soviet troops into Vyborg, the storming of Berlin. And he also drew “on the table,” remembering what he saw during his service in the ranks of the Petrograd police during the days of the revolution. These works were practically inaccessible to the general Soviet audience for almost half a century after the artist’s death.

Умер он в 1947 году в 77 лет.

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