The artist creates a magical fairy tale world in miniature (50 photos)

10 February 2017
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Many of us love looking at miniature houses and small apartments that can easily fit in a coat pocket. Olga Mutina, an artist and decorator from Cheboksary, turned her hobby into a profession and became a famous designer of tiny doll houses that take us back to the world of fairy tales and childhood.

Since childhood, I loved to create houses in different boxes, cabinets, shelves, but most of all I liked to inhabit unexpected places, containers and objects, where no one would look for my mysterious mini-inhabitants. She also loved making very small houses, for example in a matchbox, and carrying it everywhere in her pocket. Now that I have adult children, I have the opportunity to return to my childhood hobby. I have participated in thematic and personal exhibitions, so far only in my hometown, since the miniature is very fragile and therefore there are difficulties in transportation.

Of course, modern technologies today make it possible to do the most unthinkable and realistic things with the help of baked plastic and a 3D printer, but I still love various beautiful garbage, as if it wasn’t me at all, but a little midget who found a piece of rag, a match, a wire and made himself a cozy room, into which we, Gulivers, can sometimes look through the window. Just so that he doesn’t notice, otherwise he might get scared and find himself a new house. But the kids are lucky - little animals and people are not afraid of them, they love to communicate with them and travel in their pocket around our huge and amazing world... (Olga Mutina,

Как садят рис
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  1. Jipsi
    10 February 2017 14:08
    + +3 -
    Господи! Это ж надо море терпения, усидчивости, внимательности!!! winked