Stone fairy tale by Alexey Antonov (22 photos + 1 video)

2 February 2024
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Stone is a complex material. To give individuality to a product made from it, craftsmen have to work hard. But some manage to breathe soul into their creation.

One of them is the artist and stone cutter Alexey Antonov. Born in 1973 in Sverdlovsk. After graduating from a local school, the graduate received the specialty “carver in artistic stone processing.”

For some time, Antonov worked at the Russian Gems factory. Then he opened his own business - the creative workshop “Stone-Cutting House”. During his work, he managed to receive many certificates and awards for participating in competitions and exhibitions. Since 2002, the carver has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The uniqueness of the work of the stone cutter, who became the founder of such a trend as volumetric colored mosaic, lies in the fact that no paints are used in the work. All elements of the sculptures are different types of stone, complemented by precious metals.

This approach is very labor-intensive, since a block of stone may contain only one small fragment necessary to create, for example, the iris of a character’s eye or the hilt of a sword. And to obtain it you have to spend time and try.

Как садят рис
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An error in work is fatal and means the end of the whole plan. The work on the sculpture (and the workshop creates both miniatures and figures up to 100 kg) involves specialists from various fields - jewelers, carvers, designers, sculptors, metal craftsmen.

Antonov considers the stone to be alive and is confident that the work of a stonemason will never become a routine, monotonous process. After all, it implies the revelation of the soul of the stone.

And it’s hard to argue with this, since all the works of the artist and his colleagues are expressive, full of life and energy.

""The Swan Princess!


"Horse of Happiness"

"Russian hero"





"The Snow Queen"


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