Magical creations of mystical jeweler Wallace Chan (20 photos)

15 January 2024
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As a child, this boy had to earn money by making artificial flowers from ready-made plastic parts. And then he became a developer of special equipment and a master whose works are sought after by collectors from different countries.

Wallace Chan was born in 1956 in China. At the age of 5, the boy and his family moved to Hong Kong. Thanks to perseverance and patience, I learned the language and helped my parents by assembling bouquets from scraps.

Wallace Chan

Wallace dropped out of school after a couple of years - he had to work hard to survive. At the age of 16 he became a sculptor's apprentice. But a year later he opened his own workshop.

Nobody was interested in the first works. The guy went to one store after another, but was refused everywhere. Then luck smiled on Chan: the next owner gave the phone number of his friend, who specialized in selling non-standard items.

Как садят рис
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At the beginning of his creative career, the jeweler relied on the ancient processing technique of the masters of the Ming Dynasty, which involved such filigree and precise fitting of elements to each other that they did not require additional fixation.

Having mastered the techniques of cameo (carving with a relief image) and intaglio (with in-depth relief), in 1987 the master developed his own technique, which has no analogues. “Wallace Engraving” allows you to create a three-dimensional image effect in transparent materials.

Later, the jeweler was able to find an approach to titanium, known for its durability, and patented a method for coloring it. Then he developed a furnace that could melt porcelain and adapted ancient methods of setting precious stones.

"Blooming Heritage"

Chan is an amazing person. He creates masterpieces that are valued at millions of dollars (for example, the Blooming Legacy necklace is valued at $200 million), but does not have his own home. He is ready to talk for hours about the art that made him famous, or discuss Buddhism and techniques of self-knowledge. But it doesn’t say anything personal (it is only known that the master has an adult son).

But in any case, Chan is another example of the fact that perseverance and diligence combined with talent can not only lead to success, but also give rise to a completely new direction that has no analogues. So far no one has been able to even approximately replicate Chan’s magical masterpieces.

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